Let me just make one thing clear: in no means am I promoting dieting, weight loss, and an OD mentality on what you eat. However, after surviving Syracuse's dreadful, bitter, and god-awful winter, I ate, not exactly, but pretty damn close, to a diet of a black bear cub preparing for hibernation. It was only when I tried on my outfit for Mayfest that I realized what I've truly lost this winter: my dignity.

I asked myself how in the world I would lose all this winter weight in only a couple of weeks. After considering starvation, a cut-off on my credit card from my parents to make me stop ordering take-out, and a way-too-expensive membership to a weight loss program, I realized that carbohydrates are the reason I need to get a size up in jeans. Just like when Regina George was dieting with only Kalteen bars and was limited to only wearing her sweatpants, I'm only limited to wearing my lazy Sunday joggers. 

However, no Regina, I will not go on an all-carb diet (thanks Mean Girls for making me confused af when I was 15). Instead of excusing my drunk behavior on a Thursday night with a bagel the next morning, I will eat substantial meals with limited carbohydrates. Why? 

Look, I'm not here to give you a lecture on carbohydrates. So, moral of the story is that there are good carbs and bad carbs. When we think of carbs, we point our fingers at our late-night cravings: bagels, penne alla vodka from G'Uncle, and foods with sugar. These bad boys give our bodies that boost of energy, known as our blood sugar level. A bagel will instantly leave us with that amazing feeling of being 400 pounds heavier. However, 2 hours later, we'll be craving another meal. 

On the other hand, a little bit of complex carbohydrates goes a long way. These complex carbohydrates include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fiber and protein. These carbohydrates give us substantial energy, nutrients and keep our bodies running. 

Good carbs = complex carbohydrates = the carbohydrates that we need for our body to function. These are the carbs that we don't notice are in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fiber and protein. Instead of reaching for these healthy, substantial options on a Sunday morning, we reach out for a croissant (because it tastes like a g'damn meadow). 

Anyways, lecture done. More info here. I'm not in Falk and I'm not an OD maniac on food and dieting.

As a promise to myself, I hope to stick with this "low-carb diet" for at least a week. This means no bagels, no croissants, no Kimmel (because it's way too tempting), no sugar (unless it's a gluten-free, vegan freaking kale cookie). Moral of the story, I'm gonna be depressed for about a week. Who knows, I'll probably end up as much of a maniac as Regina when she realized her Kalteen bars made her larger than life. Will I write a Burn Book to this diet? Probably. But let's give it a try.

Day 1: Scared, yet confident

Morning: Woke up, slipped on my joggers, realized I was 10 minutes late to class. So, I grabbed a banana and made a green tea for myself. Not only does green tea wake me up, but it contains a bunch of health benefits including keeping your blood sugar stable, improving blood flow, and lowering your cholesterol.

Mid-day: For lunch, I needed to quickly grab something in order to anxiously wait to purchase tickets for Block Party (this was before Ticketmaster crashed of course). I grabbed a salad topped with chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumbers, Italian dressing with a splash of lemon. So far, yum

Lily Sackman

Evening: That salad surprisingly lasted me until dinner (at 9pm) when I finally had a cucumber/hummus wrap from Pages Café. 

Overall, good day, but starving by the end. Had to keep hydrated to keep myself full!! 

Day 2: Even more scared

Lily Sackman

Morning: For breakfast, I had a FEAST at Ernie. Egg-white omelette with tomatoes and peppers, and to keep myself full for the day I had a grapefruit and strawbs. 

Mid-day: Time for Strong Hearts. I got an Immunity smoothie (vegan smoothie with kale, apples, lemon, banana and orange juice). Yum, and absolutely was enough to last me till a late dinner.

Evening: Southwest Salad from G'Uncle!! Yumm, but made me hate myself because I order Good Uncle three times a week and I still don't even have a meal plan. 

Day 3: Realizing I have an addiction 

Morning: This morning was bad. From the second I woke up, I literally was craving carbs. I woke up, got oatmeal at Schine with a green tea. However, this didn't even hold me over for even an hour. Usually, when bread-filled carbs are in my diet, oatmeal and green tea fill me up just fine. However, my stomach felt empty. By the end of my morning classes, I was craving bread. I had an excruciating headache (even though I was fully hydrated) and I felt like I was going to fall over. In this moment, I could feel my addiction to carbs throughout my blood sugar level. 

Mid-day: While I was running errands, I stopped at Core Life Eatery and got a fulfilling feast. Literally lasted me for the rest of the day. Yummy Thai chicken and rice noodle bowl. Seemed like a cheat meal to me, but honestly what do you expect? 

Evening: Even at 9, I wasn't even that hungry! I guess healthy food from Core can actually fill you up? Ended my day with a granola bar with yogurt. 

Day 4 & 5: On road to recovery 

Mornings: Had bananas with oatmeal on both days, didn't forget the green tea too! Was feeling better each morning. On Day 5, needed two green teas to actually feel hydrated, full, and awake.

Mid-Day: Chick Caesar salad at faculty one day, another filling DIY salad at Schine the next day, I am THRIVING.

Evening: Ernie dinners-- veggie burger, steamed veggies with corn and fruit-- not so bad! 

Late-late evening: Starving, so granola. 

Day 6: Getting antsy 

Morning: Only green tea! But Faculty at 12? 

Mid-Day: Might as well live at Faculty because I had yet another chick Caesar salad. 

Evening: Ernie (grilled chicken, salad with balsamic dressing and steamed carrots).

Late-night snack: Popcorn. Sorry, only because I'm pretty sure that was what set off the fire alarm in Dellplain.

Day 7: Happy, but glad it's over

My celebration for having little carbs all week... 

Morning: Bacon egg and cheese (I am so not apologizing).

Mid-day: Too full from coffee.

Evening: Formal FEAST with pizza!! 

Turns Out....

By the end of my "diet," I was feeling great, both physically and mentally. By day 7, the headache subsided. Plus, after I had meals, I never felt full to the point where I couldn't move. I didn't feel like I needed carbs by Day 7, but I decided to treat myself anyway! Looking forward, I promise myself  to limit the carbs (on a good day) because they truly aren't always needed to the extent I consume them. A Lilith tip from me to you: if you're drunk, avoid Kimmel. Do yourself a favor and keep healthy snacks to binge on in your room to avoid the late-night munchies.