Last summer, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a "Taste of the Nation" event in my hometown. "Taste of the Nation" events are run by an organization called No Kid Hungry, which helps fight against childhood hunger. These "events" are no soup kitchens. When "Taste of the Nation" came to my home town, I had no idea what I was about to partake in. 

How It Works

To support the cause, every local restaurant set up shop under a huge white tent, to make and hand out their delicacies. The people of Portsmouth, NH, dressed to the nines, dropped some serious dough on tickets to eat and drink their way through the tent.

My Experience

pumpkin, beer, cake
Gilly Cole

I was asked to do the glamorous job of shifting through people's trash to make sure things were being properly recycled and composted. I stood there, in one corner of this massive tent, and I couldn't help but realize that literally the entire city came out to support No Kid Hungry.

I saw friends and family laughing and chatting away, while munching on New England's famous lobster rolls, flatbread pizza, and tacos. After my volunteer shift was over, I made it just in time for the desert round, and indulged in several slices chocolate cake. I spent the rest of the night dancing under the sparkling display of lights that were strung on the top of the tent.

Why This Matters

I had never heard of "Taste of the Nation" events before it thankfully came to my hometown, and after volunteering, and eating my weight in amazing desserts, I was a true believer in the impact that a night like this can have on someone. No Kid Hungry is doing extremely important work, while bringing together entire cities for the love of food. Check out Taste of the Nation events near you, and get your tickets ASAP.