Who says pickles don't go with frosting? It's easy to go with the norm all the time, but life can be more fun when you introduce new and weird tastes to your life. And maybe you already do, but I decided to get a firsthand experience on people's secret obsessions. So join me on this journey as I seek out some weird food combinations and give them a reluctant try. 

Cheetos and Milk

prawn, shrimp, shellfish, chicken, meat, fish, seafood
Elizabeth Layman

When I found this particular combination on the internet, I was surprised. I wondered, "Who would think of putting Cheetos and milk together?" Well, someone did, and here I am to try it. As I poured my Cheetos on top of my milk, I was quite honestly scared to try it. I then decided to push the responsibility onto my roommate to take the first try. To my surprise, she decided that she liked it.

milk, tea, water
Alex Frank

After much hesitation, I decided to try the combination. To my surprise, I also liked it. It tasted like corn puffs but with a cheesy bite. The milk overtook a lot of the cheesiness but not totally. I would not personally eat this 'cereal-like' meal for breakfast, but it wasn't the worst thing I've ever had either.

Fries and Milkshake

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Cherie Litvin

This is a classic combination, but I had never given it much of a chance. It's widely known, so I had high hopes for this combination.

spaghetti, pasta, french fries
Alex Frank

It did not disappoint. The crunchy, salty bite of the French fries mixed with the smooth, creaminess of the milkshake is satisfying for those hot days. I loved it. If you're considering giving this a try, I would highly encourage you to do so. 

Peanut Butter and Pickle

milk, sweet, dairy product
Christin Urso

To start, I'd like to mention that I love pickles, and I love peanut butter, separately. But I did not enjoy this combination. The acidity of the pickle and the creaminess of peanut butter just didn't mix well together in my mouth. 

chocolate, butter, peanut, peanut butter
Jocelyn Hsu

However, others did not feel this way. My roommate loved it. She felt that the peanut butter was a good touch to the pickles, and she loved the way the two flavors fused together in her mouth. So if you're considering trying it, there's a chance you'll like it.

Balsamic Vinegar and Berries

wine, vinegar, beer, syrup
Kristine Mahan

Balsamic vinegar and berries is a combination that I always put into my own salad mixes. This time, I wanted to try it without the salad mix. I dipped the strawberry in the balsamic vinegar and took a big bite. I was a little disappointed. I felt that the mixture needed goat cheese (or some other creamy variation) to tie the whole dish together. In all honesty, I would rather stick to plain berries. 

blueberry, berry
Sami Reinhard

If you're bored or want a change with your current foods, give some of these weird food combinations a try! Whether you actually like it, it's still quite an adventure.