If Starbucks died and had to be remembered for one thing and one thing only, that thing would be their line of Instagramable drinks. First it was the Pink Drink, then it was the Unicorn Frap, and now it's the Ombré Pink Drink - and Starbucks won't stop there.

What's this Ombré Pink Drink that you speak of?

According to Starbucks' insta, the ombré pink drink is a mix between their Cool Lime Refresher, Passion Tango iced tea, and coconut milk. To sum it up, it's similar to the Pink Drink but with the citrusy aspect of the Cool Lime Refresher but with the color and sweetness from the coconut milk and with the pink color from the Passion Tango iced tea.

What's the taste like?

Unlike the Unicorn Frap, the Ombré Pink Drink is one that you don't want to mix unless you enjoy drinks that are super sour. When drinking the Ombré Pink Drink, it tastes sweet yet citrusy in a pleasant way. The citrusy aspect of the drink isn't all up in your face yet the drink isn't sweet enough to make you want to puke while drinking it.

What are your thoughts on it?

Starbucks' Ombré Pink Drink is unique yet something that I'd get when I'm walking around or on my way to the beach. I prefer it over the original Pink Drink any day since it's not as sweet, but now people are saying that the Green Drink is the new Pink Drink.

If people are really in the mood for a Green Drink from Starbucks, just get a venti Green Tea Latte aka the original Green Drink but add coconut milk in it. Whatever you do, I'd still recommend the Ombré Pink Drink to anyone - especially those that are still traumatized from the Unicorn Frap.