I'm obsessed with chocolate. I've had a chocolate covered cricket before so nothing really scares me. When it comes to getting my chocolate fix, I'm always looking for ways to add a healthy twist. Muniq reached out to me about their new vegan chocolate shake and I knew I had to try it.

What Is Muniq?

Photo Courtesy of Muniq

Muniq was founded by Marc Washington with the goal of creating healthy nutritious products as a way to keep his sister's legacy alive. Muniq is a line of prebiotic shakes designed to promote gut health. Gut health affects many bodily functions ranging from digestive health to blood sugar management. 

The gut impacts many parts of the body and keeping it healthy is vital to staying well and fighting disease. According to Muniq's blog, having strong colonies of beneficial bacteria living in your gut means that you’re less likely to have certain diseases. 

Some of those diseases include Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and diabetes. 

Muniq has a team of scientific and industry professionals who are dedicated to keeping up with the latest information on health, nutrition and the gut microbiome. 

Now that you know the basics behind Muniq and how important gut health is, let's get to the fun part: the chocolate shake. 

Muniq's Vegan Chocolate Shake

Photo Courtesy of Muniq

Muniq’s vegan chocolate shake flavor is making it easier than ever to help maintain gut health and satisfy that chocolate craving. The chocolate shake not only provides your daily serving of protein, but also works to maintain blood sugar levels, strengthen immunity and curb your hunger.

Muniq's vegan chocolate shakes are made with no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors, are non-GMO and contain no soy.

Each shake has 0 grams of sugar and 15 grams of protein per serving. 

I don't have shakes very often, but I tried this one with an open mind. Let's be real. This isn't the classic chocolate milkshake you're going to get at a diner, but if your looking for a healthy alternative to get your chocolate fix, then this is for you. 

The best way I can describe this drink is that it tasted healthy. I could tell that with each sip I was nourishing my body. The chocolate flavor came more as an aftertaste, but it was strong enough to make me keep drinking. 

I recommend starting off with a small amount your first time just to test it out an see what you think. This would definitely be satisfying after a workout or a long work day when you need to refuel and replenish your body.

More About Muniq

Muniq's vegan chocolate shake is available for purchase on their website through a subscription service or one-time shipment. The other shake flavors are chocolate, vanilla creme and mocha latte. 

Stay connected with Muniq by following them on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news about new product launches and gut health.