How many times have you been in McKeldin with two papers, an exam and Pearson assignment all approaching? It seems like you have everything on your plate… except food. If only there were an app that delivers food on campus for no fee. Oh wait, there is. I’m talking about Good Uncle.

Emily Noel

For two years, Good Uncle has been providing the University of Maryland with good eats in a matter of minutes. We've all seen the black vans zipping around campus, but possibly the best part of Good Uncle is that they deliver directly on campus for no extra fee. Good Uncle comes in clutch when you’re too busy to plan, make, or pick up your next meal. Whether you’re craving finger food like chicken wings or a full meal like a Korean BBQ Beef Bowl, Good Uncle’s got you covered.

Good Uncle rotates their menu items every two weeks, so no matter how often you order, you'll never get tired of the same food. This semester, Good Uncle has revamped their menu with some new additions.

I tried four of their new menu items: the Pesto Salmon Plate, Buffalo Mac and Cheese, Build-Your-Own Steak Tacos, and Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps. The other new menu items include: Pesto Parmesan, Build-Your-Own Nachos, Cajun Chicken Plate, Chicken Fried Rice, Greek Salad with Chicken, Strawberry Kale Salad, and Greek Orzo Salad.

Let’s go through each dish and see what I thought.

Pesto Salmon Plate

Lucy Bedewi

This dish starts with a base of a sweet corn medley and farro, topped with roasted salmon, cherry tomatoes, and fresh summer squash. The dish is complete with a pesto vinaigrette on the side. For $12.99, the salmon tastes amazing and is such high quality. It’s rare to find salmon that is a reasonable price and delicious. This dish is the perfect balance of rich and bright flavors. The decadent salmon is brightened by the refreshing pesto vinaigrette. The roasted veggies are warm and comforting, pairing well with the farro and sweet corn. This dish was my favorite out of all the items I tried.

Buffalo Mac and Cheese

Lucy Bedewi

When I saw this on the menu, I knew I had to try it. This dish is your classic mac and cheese with elbow pasta mixed in a cheesy sauce. The pasta is topped with melted cheddar cheese and a hearty helping of buffalo chicken. This dish is the poster child for decadence, ringing in at $9.99. If you’re in need of a comforting meal, this is the meal for you. The buffalo sauce is not too spicy, but adds another layer of complexity to classic mac and cheese. You do not want to pass up this Buffalo Mac and Cheese.

Build-Your-Own Steak Tacos

Emily Noel

The Build-Your-Own Steak Tacos are a fun take on the classic taco. When you order the steak tacos, you receive a bowl of seared steak and cilantro-lime rice. The tacos come with four toppings: guacamole, salsa roja, sour cream, and cheddar cheese. The dish is completed with three warm flour tortillas on the side, ready to be assembled into a tasty taco all for $11.99. This dish is great because it’s customizable. Spice up your taco with the salsa roja or cool it down with sour cream- it’s up to you. There are countless ways you can combine the toppings and mains. The steak comes in thick strips and tastes delicious in a taco or on it’s own.

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Lucy Bedewi

The Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps come in separate parts, allowing you to build your own wrap. When you order the Thai lettuce wraps, you receive marinated ground chicken, white rice, pickled vegetables and a sweet & spicy sauce to drizzle over top for $10.49. This dish is a refreshing and healthy meal. The pickled vegetables and rice offset the sweetness of the chicken, while the sauce adds the slight spice that brings the whole dish together. While this dish is lighter than the other items I tried, Good Uncle provides generous portions, so I didn’t go hungry.

Final Thoughts

Emily Noel

I am a huge fan of Good Uncle’s new menu. The portion sizes and quality of food is phenomenal for the price point. Good Uncle offers a unique business plan that is convenient for college students. There is no delivery fee and food is delivered to multiple spots on campus, so wherever you are, a Good Uncle van is not far away. The next time you're hungry and not sure what to eat, give Good Uncle a try. You won’t regret it.