After being shown miracle berries and hearing about this "flavor trip" that alters your taste buds, I naturally had to try it. I quickly ordered the miracle berry tablets and made all my friends eat a variety of foods after eating the tablet. It's only supposed to last a half hour, so we figured we would give it a shot. Here's what we found.


lemon peel, citron, lime, lemonade, citrus, juice, lemon
Claire Waggoner

We tried lemons first, not knowing what to expect. We were super shocked because the lemon was really sweet and tasted like candy. It was totally easy to eat, and my friends compared it to eating an orange, but even sweeter. To my surprise, they all asked for more, because that was how good it tasted.

Froot Loops

candy, cereal, sweet, corn
Kristine Mahan

We wanted to see what happens when you eat sweet foods, and sadly not much happened. The Froot Loops tasted good, but not very different than usual. If they were even sweeter than usual, we didn't really notice.

Cheese Sticks

slices, cheese, dairy, dairy product, milk, cheddar
Caroline Ingalls

The cheese sticks tasted a little different than normal, but it's most likely because we had eaten lemons right before. It was pretty weird and I wouldn't recommend using this as a food to try after eating the berries.


pastry, doughnut, candy, sweet, pretzel
Allie Koestler

We used pretzels to see what happens with salty foods, and honestly once again, we were disappointed! It still tasted salty but our taste was not really altered. After three failed attempts, we figured it would be a good idea to go back to sour foods instead.

Warheads Sour Candy

I watched my friends put the Warheads in their mouths, and I was surprised to see not one of them have a reaction to the sourness. They were able to easily put the candy in their mouth and suck on it as if it were more like a jolly rancher. They were excited when they realized it actually tasted sweet instead of sour.

Cry Baby Tears Sour Candy

Leah Shindler

I had never eaten this candy before, but my friend recommended we try it with the miracle berries. Based on the packaging I was expecting a sour candy, but it really only tasted like a flavored sucking candy. It wasn't super sweet but it definitely had no sour taste.

Blow Pop Lollipops

sweet, chocolate, candy
Kate Zizmor

Finally, the sour flavored lollipops tasted very sweet! It was not as extreme as the lemon, but it was definitely there. After a few let downs, we were glad the candies finally worked. The lollipops were a fun addition that we added last minute, and I'm glad we were able to experience another flavor trip.


Leah Shindler

Overall, the flavor tripping worked, but the effect was only obvious on sour foods. The other foods were variations taken from a recommended foods list, however, personally I would not recommend eating them after eating the miracle berries. The foods that didn't show an effect were just because of the food's taste, not because the berry tablet was ineffective.

More sour foods like lemons, limes, grapefruits, pineapples, and other foods of that nature are definitely better. The sour candy worked well, too. It was a fun experience and my friends and I enjoyed experimenting with these unique berries.