I never understood how people willingly downed a protein shake after a workout. I tried various brands, but every protein shake I tried ended up tasting like chalk. With benefits like losing fat and preserving muscle, I was aware of what I was missing out on by avoiding protein shakes

Then came college. All the muscle mass I ever gained was slowly replaced by fat. So, I wanted to speed up the process of regaining my muscle by a workout followed by a protein shake. I also wanted a ready-made protein shake because I don't have a blender to make them using powder. Although skeptical because of all my other protein shake experiences, I heard good things about Evolve Protein Shakes. So, I decided to give them a try. 


Photo courtesy of AZIONE PR

There are four flavors: Classic Chocolate, Toasted Almond, Ideal Vanilla and Mellow Mocha. All of these flavors were delicious. My personal favorite is the Classic Chocolate. Chocolate milk fans: this protein shake should be your first choice. The consistency of the shakes are pretty thick, but there's no chalky taste. I would very willingly chug one of these after a workout (or whenever). 


I love these protein shakes because both my roommate and I can drink them. My roommate is gluten free, and I am slightly lactose-intolerant. These protein shakes are both dairy, soy and gluten free.

These shakes are packed with 20g of Protein, fiber and calcium. The best part? The vegan shakes are non-GMO, and each shake is only 160 calories. Yes, you read that right. Unlike other protein shakes and powders that are loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners, Evolve protein shakes are actually good for you. 


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Photo courtesy of AZIONE PR

Protein powder has so many health benefits. Aside from the obvious benefits like stronger and leaner muscles, it also strengthens hair, skin and nails. Drinking protein shakes can also curb your appetite, encouraging fat loss. 


The Evolve website allows you to select the form of protein shake you want—they also come in powder form—and track stores that carry the brand. If you're a lazy college student like I am, you can find the shakes online on Amazon. For around $40, you can get 12 shakes. If you're interested in the powder, you can purchase a pound for $24.99. 


The next time you find yourself searching for protein powder that's delicious while also being good for you, look no further than Evolve Protein Shakes. You'll be strong, healthy, and ready to kick ass in no time.