Dunkin' kicked off the summer by announcing a new coffee flavor- s'mores. The chain often rolls out new flavors every summer, leaving avid fans ready for the start of the season. From cookie dough to fudge brownie, Dunkin' loves their dessert flavored coffee. This summer is no different, with the coffee chain channeling the campfire classic, s'mores.

I'm a big fan of both iced coffee and Dunkin' Donuts, and obviously never go to Starbucks, so I was more than willing to try this coffee. For research purposes, right? From that, I set out for a goal. To figure out if and how Dunkin' can fit marshmallow, graham crackers and chocolate all into a medium cup of iced coffee.

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Elena Bailoni

Setting The Scene

It was a Thursday afternoon when I decided it was time I got the s'mores iced coffee. I rolled up to my local Dunkin' and went inside. When inside, I saw no sign of the s'mores iced coffee. Defeated, I went to order and asked if this location had s'mores. Lucky for me this location had s'mores swirl in stock. I ordered a medium s'mores swirl iced coffee black, paid my $2.39 and went on my way. 

What It's Like

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Maddy McGunagle

The coffee was a little lighter in color than I prefer but that's ok, because I assumed it would be lighter because of the s'mores swirl. Because the flavoring was at the bottom, the coffee only smelled like coffee. When I finally got the chance to drink the iced coffee, it really did taste like a s'mores. You could actually taste the major components of a s'more while drinking coffee. I definitely recommend Dunkin' keep this flavor around longer than the summer. Maybe we should start a petition?

10/10 would recommend everyone try this coffee before the summer ends. I would probably not have this coffee every morning but will be sure to stop by my closest Dunkin' every time I miss camp.