College really does a number on your health. You might start to get thicker in areas you didn't even know could gain weight and your skin might start breaking out more than usual. For this reason, I cut out cafeteria food and late-night munchies for three days with the intent of trying a liquid diet and I saw serious results —but with a cost. 

I went into this liquid diet doing little to no research and my body definitely punished me for this. If you're inspired by Alexis Ren and Candice Swanepoel's bodies, then work out and eat healthy. Learn from my mistakes and know that losing a few pounds over three days using extreme measures is unhealthy and also doesn't last.

Day One

If you keep yourself distracted from the thought of food on day one, then it can actually be pretty simple. My body stayed relatively full from the food I had the day before, so the only struggle was to not eat just because I was bored. 

I drank calorie-packed drinks, like Boost and Ensure, so that it didn't feel like my stomach was eating itself. I honestly can't complain about day one after experiencing day two and three. It only goes downhill from here, ladies and gents.

coffee, tea, milk
Caroline Ingalls

Day Two

Energy levels were definitely running low during day two. I was starting to wonder if this cleanse was mental game because I swear the Easy Mac in my cabinet was begging for me to eat it.

Mix in Naked smoothies, coconut water, or Chobani's new smoothie line (apple veg was my favorite!) because you cannot survive on just three drinks a day. Advil will most likely be your best friend on this day for two reasons: you will experience headaches and you'll need a new bff because you'll act like a hangry B-I-T-C-H that no one wants to be around.

milk, tea, coffee
Caroline Ingalls

Day Three

Not going to lie, day three was tough as hell. I was chewing on my drinks because my body was aching so much for substance. Day three was all about self-motivation and giving myself pep talks under my breath. I honestly may have come out of this cleanse with a new found job of being a motivational speaker. 

The best advice I can give you is to go ham making yourself yummy smoothies because that was only fun part. I did drop a few pounds, my stomach was less bloated, and my skin was noticeable clearer after just three days, but it definitely took some pain and perseverance to get through it.

I went into this diet thinking I could last a full school week—but as you can tell by the title of this article, I only lasted three days. Around lunch time on day four, I was running to the cafeteria to order myself a fat burrito and fries. If you're going to try this fad diet, then best of luck to you, but I wouldn't recommend it.