Let me preface this article by stating that I have never been a "natural" girl. I've always dyed my hair, wore makeup, and had acrylic nails. Therefore, the health of my hair, skin, and nails has not always been optimal. This is what initially drew me to try vitamins. My hair is neither falling out of my scalp nor is my skin severely broken out, but I could definitely benefit from giving these areas of my body a little TLC.

My decision to try hair, skin, and nails vitamins came after one of my usual trips to the hair salon for a dye job. My hair was not holding up as well as usual and could definitely benefit from growing out and having the dead ends chopped off.

You could also try this at-home mask for stronger hair. I have also heard my nail technician suggest these types of vitamins, especially to girls like myself who have had acrylics for years. With all these benefits, I felt I had nothing to lose, and just went for it.
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The vitamins I picked up are the Nature Made brand, which I picked up during a sale at Rite Aid for buy one get one free. The bottle retailed for $9.99. The vitamins contain 2,500 mcg of Biotin.

Week 1

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The first week I began taking them, I did not have any erroneous assumptions that my nails would grow 10 feet overnight. To be completely honest, I did not exactly notice a change in much of anything. My hair, skin, and nails seemed to feel and look the same. Although I did not have any substantial results, I decided to keep taking them.

Week 2

The second week was when I began to notice slight changes, which I wasn't exactly sure were due to the vitamins. I could see my roots coming in much more prominently than before, which could just be due to the natural growth of the hair. Since I do get my acrylic nails filled, I did not really notice a difference in the strength or growth rate of my nails.

In the skin department was where I noticed the most change. My skin began looking less red, and the amount of break outs I had were significantly lower than before. I've always been the type of girl that had hormonal break outs during my time of the month. However this time of the month, which happened to fall on my second week of trying out the vitamin, I did not notice as many. 

Week 3

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By the third week, my skin results remained consistent. My skin looked much clearer and also felt softer to the touch.

As far as hair goes, I think I would need to try taking the vitamins for maybe a two-month span instead of a few weeks to actually notice a difference in the growth.

I still get my acrylics filled every 2-3 weeks, so I haven't noticed any abnormal amount of growth in that department either. If you want to grow out your nails longer, try eating these foods for stronger and healthier nails.

In Conclusion

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Do I think the vitamins will magically give anyone clear skin, long nails, and voluminous long hair? Definitely not. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy in conjunction with the vitamins, on the other hand, probably will result in a better outcome.

Personally, I give myself a 7 or 8/10 on the healthy eating scale, so maybe that's why my skin had such favorable results. Try eating some of these foods for better-looking skin.

Since the effect the vitamins had on my skin was so positive, I intend on continuing my regiment with them. I also hope to keep taking these vitamins to see how they affect the growth of my hair. 

If you like supplements, here are also a large variety of many different ones that can improve overall health.