Nutella is a wonderful spread made primarily of hazelnuts and chocolate. There is a giant population, including myself, who loves Nutella so much that they probably think they could put it on everything.

chocolate, sweet, candy, cake, cream, strawberry
Tarika Narain

Well, have no fear Nutella enthusiasts, because I did just that for seven days. I had the usual sweet combinations, but I tried some really weird combos, too. Believe me, it was a difficult week, but surprisingly rewarding.  

Day 1

pie, strawberry, cherry
Ariel Escalante

I didn't actually know that I was going to start the diet this day but I decided to just go for it. I started off simple, with a Nutelladilla, which is basically just a quesadilla, but with Nutella, and some frozen strawberries.

My roommate made some delicious strawberry hand pies, so those were next on the menu. For dinner, I had rice, chicken and broccoli. That combination was honestly not bad. The rice soaked up the Nutella and gave it a slight sweet flavor. Plus, you can never ruin broccoli

Day 2

rice, chicken, fried rice, shrimp, risotto
Ariel Escalante

I was still trying to get used to putting something sweet on everything, so I didn't eat a whole lot on day two. I had a PB&J and Nutella (delicious, of course) for lunch and stir-fry and popcorn for dinner. Looks appetizing, right? Except I didn't put enough Nutella on the popcorn, so it didn't really meet my expectations. 

Day 3

milk, dairy product, cream, sweet, coffee
Kathleen Lee

Day three and I was already tired of Nutella. I had Cheerios and yogurt for breakfast. The yogurt and Nutella combination was actually pretty gross.

For lunch, I had taquitos, which I ate with a dip made of Nutella and hot sauce. The hot sauce made the Nutella a horrible-looking consistency, so I was 0-for-2 in the meal department.

I played it safe for dinner and had some broccoli and carrots and a pot pie (confession: I only put Nutella on the crust of the pot pie. Come on, I couldn't ruin a perfectly good pot pie). 

Day 4

I actually got in a bike crash this day, so I didn't have time to eat until I was done with classes in the late afternoon. I had another Nutelladilla, some toasted naan and more rice. By this time, I really needed some fruit, but neither my roommate or I had time to go to the store. It was a bad day overall.

Day 5

seafood, fish, shrimp, shellfish, meat, prawn
Elizabeth Layman

Apparently today I was on a bread kick. I enjoyed toast for breakfast, and toasted naan and cinnamon graham crackers for lunch. For dinner, I made a grilled cheese with Nutella and brie.

I had been dying to try Nutella with cheese all week, and although this was quite yummy, it would've been better with a stronger cheese. I finished the day with some Hot Cheetos. I could barely taste the Nutella and it actually made the Cheetos a lot spicier. Also, I finally made it to the grocery store and bought fruit. 

Day 6

apple, juice, sweet, pasture
Santina Renzi

I just have to say, thank goodness for fruit. I had an apple for breakfast and a bowl of raspberries for lunch. I really took the deliciousness of fruit for granted. The lasagna and Nutella I had for dinner was a disgusting combination (even though I had seconds), and I just had to have some more raspberries for dessert.  

Day 7

By the last day, I was utterly tired of Nutella and of being creative with my meals. I just wanted to eat normal people food.

I started the day with some oatmeal. I went home for the weekend, and my mom had jambalaya and potatoes with peppers waiting for me. The spices in both of the dishes overpowered the sweet flavor, which was good because I didn't want to ruin my parents' cooking. For dinner, I celebrated with my first Nutella-free meal in seven days with a lemon-pepper tilapia, broccoli and rice. I deserved it. 


I weighed myself at the end of Day 7 and saw something surprising: my weight was the lowest it had been in months. I'm not sure how this happened, but apparently putting Nutella on everything and biking several miles a day is a good combination.

Although I was tired of the spread by the end of the week, I still love it. Nutella and I definitely need some time apart for now, though.