When it comes to dorm life, we're often limited to ramen, popcorn, and instant mac 'n cheese. So, I went to the nearby Walgreens and picked up all the instant mac 'n cheeses they had. Then I enlisted my friends Floriana Boardman, Claire Biasco, Jack Rovansek, and Cristina Perez to help me conduct a taste test to see which one is worth the average college student's budget. 

Colleen McMahon

Mac 'n Cheese A: Velveeta ($2.00)

Colleen McMahon

Cristina: That one looks really creamy

Claire: Yeah. I wanna smell it

Jack: You know, I read online that if you smell something in one long sniff the scent won't be as strong as it would be if you were to take multiple small sniffs. *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

Claire: Oh! I like that one. That’s not very cheesy.

Floriana: It looks nice and fancy.

Jack: This is very creamy, but it doesn’t taste very much like cheese.

Cristina: It’s like a pasta. Not so much like mac ‘n cheese, but pasta.

Floriana: Hmm. It’s very nice looking, but deceiving to the eyes because it’s not as scrummy as it looks. A is decent-

Claire: I like A! Wait… It has a weird aftertaste.

Cristina: It’s very creamy and has good pasta but the cheese is not fully there… it’s kinda sweet.

Claire: I kinda like A. I think I might like it the best. 

Mac 'n Cheese B: Krasdale Mac 'n Cheese ($0.75)

Colleen McMahon

Cristina: Oh… um- oh. That’s a, that’s a bad brand.

Claire: That doesn’t even taste like cheese.

Cristina: B is garbage.

Jack: Don’t influence my opinion!

Floriana: No, B is complete garbage.

Jack: B does not smell very appetizing.

Claire: It doesn’t smell or taste like cheese.

Jack: You know I think B is undercooked. Yeah, I definitely got some crunch in that one...

Cristina: B doesn’t taste like anything and it makes me kinda nervous

Jack: I think if B was cooked thoroughly it’d be good. Yeah, I’m gonna finish off B if no one wants it

Mac 'n Cheese C: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese ($1.25)

Colleen McMahon

Floriana: This is scrummy. Its definitely better than [B].

Jack: Mmm. Ok.

Floriana: C is the best. It’s very-

Jack: Scrummy?

Floriana: It is! It's so good. 

Cristina: Yeah, no C is without a doubt the best.

Claire: Yeah, but I still kinda like A.

Jack: No, definitely C

Floriana: Ok I’m just gonna take the rest of C then-

Jack, Cristina, and Claire: NO!

Cristina: I had C for dinner. 

Colleen McMahon

Final Rankings:

Jack: CBA

Floriana: CAB

Cristina: CAB

Claire: CAB -- A is a close second for me. If you want regular mac ‘n cheese go with C. If you want to be fancy go with A.