Calling all Kombucha-lovers, this company’s new product is here for your beverage needs. Health-Ade introduced their new Booch Pop flavors including Ginger Fizz, Lemon + Lime, and Pom Berry. These redefined soda flavors are blended with belly-loving prebiotics, minerals, real fruit, and less sugar. Let's dive in: 

1) Lemon + Lime

Olivia Bria

If you love a subtle yet healthy drink, then this is definitely the flavor for you. With more of a lemon taste, this one was my favorite. It is very refreshing and perfect for chilling after a long day. I can see this flavor going really well with your meals or being good for a quick pick me up throughout the day.

2) Pom-Berry

Olivia Bria

Get your pom-poms out for this one, because Pom-Berry was a close-runner up. It smells incredible and the color of the drink matches the can! This is a more pungent flavor, so this beverage is for you if you enjoy stronger tastes. 

3) Ginger Fizz

Olivia Bria

Lastly, we have the Ginger Fizz flavor. I was pleasantly surprised with this one, as I am not the biggest fan of the spice. However, Health-Ade hit the mark with this tasty beverage. The Ginger is not too potent, and leaves a minty aftertaste. This drink will freshen you up for sure.

Health-Ade also came out with another two flavors for you to try out: Grape and AppleFollow that gut feeling and grab an 8-pack for $20 or a variety 12-pack for $30. This product will make you feel as good as it tastes, so next time you are craving a drink, reach for the healthier 'soda.'