Transitioning from high school to college is a big change—you go to bed when you want, study how ever much you want, and most importantly, you get to eat whatever you want. 

Some kids start college and immediately fit into campus culture, eating classic college foods like ramen and staying up all night "studying." When I got to college, however, I seemingly reverted back to my childhood ways, specifically with the kinds of food I bought for myself. 

In my attempts to avoid the Freshman 15, I tried to go food shopping so I could have some "healthy" food in my room. Strolling down the long aisles without my mom to point me in the right direction, I got overwhelmed and went for things that seemed comfortable.

Apple sauce, Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal, chocolate milk—you name any children's food and I almost definitely bought it. Perhaps this is my way of holding on to the past, but for some reason if I'm studying and get hungry, all I want is a simple, easy-to-eat, nutritious snack. And if anyone asks for some of my food—just like a preschooler—I don't share at all. 

Say all you want about eating kids food, its delicious and reasonably priced so I'm just gonna keep on eating it until I no longer find it absolutely amazing. We all need something that reminds us we aren't completely grown up yet, and if eating the food I ate 18 years ago can give me that feeling then who cares?   

P.S. Maybe save the apple sauce for your dorm because you will get some weird looks if you eat it in class.