In the world of health-conscious, trendy, natural healing foods, apple cider vinegar is currently under a very bright spotlight.  Of course there are doubters, including myself before I starting chugging it down every morning, but ACV holds countless benefits.  

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Lara Schwieger

How I got started with ACV

Being a college student means a lot of #adulting which involves not having your mom on demand to magically sum up ways to cure various aliments for you (being she can't go get you the key medicine, which she obviously knows, for your every need).  Beginning as a freshman, when I became sick which was literally all the time, I started to turn to the internet to search for medicinal cures for everything.  This ranged from sore throats to face breakouts and even to endless fatigue.  I noticed pretty early on that most of my problems could be helped by this one seamlessly wonderful substance: Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV for short.  So, I decided to plunge myself into the world of ACV originally to treat a sore throat, but I soon turned to its other uses, a list of which can be found here.  Eventually, after hearing of the benefits, I turned to drinking a shot of ACV every morning which I would try to do for a week.  

Day 1  

The first day I tried the ACV shot, I kind of just regrettably went for it.  I didn't realize that you should dilute the substance, so I grabbed a shot glass, poured myself a little morning pick-me up, and drank the ACV straight and quickly. 

#Spoontip:  Don't do that!  It's super strong and burns.  Turns out that drinking it straight is also dangerous for your teeth and throat due to the high acidity level.   

Day 2

Lesson learned.  The second try was much more pleasant even though the taste still got to me.  I put a shot's worth (1.5 ounces) of ACV in a half of glass of water and drank it down with a straw (much better for your teeth this way!).  This time around I was less put off, so I could start to actually feel the effects.  The ACV wakes you up!  I felt much more alert in the morning after having taken the vinegar.  

Day 3

 Again, I felt that nice little jolt of energy in the morning right after drinking the vinegar.  I also noticed that the usual slight sore throat that I get when I wake up during the colder months disappeared pretty early in the morning.  It usually lingers for a couple of hours longer, but the ACV seemed to have burned it away. 

Day 4

By this time, I was starting to get used to the taste of the vinegar.  The strong acidic taste is less bothersome after a little while, making it much more bearable and, dare I say, pleasant.  

Day 5

After 5 days, I was starting to get into a routine where I got up, drank my ACV, brushed my teeth and got dressed for class.  I was also starting to notice some of the less obvious effects of the drink.  I was less hungry in the morning and I definitely did not have the usual sugar cravings that I have when I get up.  

Day 6

I could also tell that my face and skin were looking good.  Breakouts were healing faster than usual, and my skin looked healthy, thanks to both the vinegar and eating less sugar.  

Day 7

Yes, a week is over!  However, I didn't feel the relief I expected to feel.  Instead, I felt like I had established a new routine that made me feel good in the morning.  The best part, I haven't stop!  I feel less groggy in the morning, my skin is better overall, I don't get as strong of hunger cravings as before, and I don't crave sugar as much as I did perviously!  I'm sure that in the long run, the ACV is healthy for my overall health since it truly makes me feel better.  10/10 would recommend!