Hugh Jackman has struck again — but not in the form of a lead role in a Broadway musical or star actor in a feature film. This time, Jackman's focus is on small-scale coffee farming communities in developing countries. By launching Laughing Man Coffee with co-founder David Steingard, Jackman strives to expose the world to the talents and sustainable work of coffee farmers, while providing them with much-needed opportunity.

The foundation has two shops open in New York City (and online sales for those of us outside of the Big Apple) where you can buy quality coffee beans and help support a charitable cause. Should we add coffee connoisseur and humanitarian to his perpetual list of talents?

How It All Started

Small coffee farmers from all around the world devote their lives to their craft. However, the coffee doesn't always receive opportunities to expand to global markets.

Inspired after meeting Ethiopian coffee farmer Dukale, actor Hugh Jackman set out to share these products with the world while supporting community and family appreciation. The Laughing Man Foundation believes that they should extend the focus of their mission from advocating the sales of sustainable coffee to supporting the individuals, families, and communities involved in the coffee farming process.

The Ultimate Goal

The sustaining life force of the Laughing Man Foundation is the belief that business can be a vehicle for positive change. The ultimate outcome that the foundation aims to achieve is for farmers in developing countries to be lifted out of poverty. This is ultimately done by providing them with a marketplace to sell their goods to consumers in the US. 

Current Projects

The organization supports coffee farming communities "by investing in programs that clear the way to health, growth, and success for coffee farmers and their families." As of 2018, they are partnering with Fair Trade USA to invest in housing improvements for farmers and their families, as well as providing college scholarships for the Coocentral Coop in Huila, Colombia.

Where to Buy

Along with the two shops that are open in Tribeca and Battery Park in New York City, Laughing Man Coffee products (in the form of bagged coffee and Keurig K-Cups) are now available for purchase from Amazon and select Walmart, Kroger, and Target locations. You can also buy coffees directly from their website.

Making a positive global impact can start with something as simple as buying a cup of coffee. The ease of which you can support the people who pour their lives into growing high-quality coffee beans is exactly what Laughing Man Coffee works toward. Giving back to those in need is such a rewarding task — especially if that means getting a steaming-hot cup of joe in the process.