90 degree temperatures, beach days, and bonfires all call for one thing: the perfect, ice-cold, refreshing drink–which is Hubert's Lemonade to be specific. Sure, Hubert's looks like any, ordinary lemonade. But it most definitely is not and here's why

14 Original Flavors

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Hailey Almsted

First things first, Hubert's comes in fourteen delicious flavors, including three "diet" flavors and one "half and half" flavor. Blackberry, blood orange, mango, and peach are some of the flavors, but don't let these ordinary ones fool you. Hubert's also has limited batch flavors, like watermelon habanero, and those drinks are definitely packed full of original, spectacular taste.

The Packaging

Hailey Almsted

Hubert's comes in glass bottles, which makes for the perfect Instagram-worthy picture. Not only are the bottles super adorable, but they actually keep the drink ice-cold, perfect for a hot, summer day. 

#SpoonTip: Hubert's glass bottles makes super cute flower vases.

The Stand

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Hailey Almsted

If you're not already swooning over Hubert's, here's one more reason: The Stand. Hubert's offers rewards for drinking their lemonade, all you have to do is collect the caps! Then, once you have anywhere from 5-175 caps, go onto the Hubert's Lemonade website, find and go to The Stand to redeem your rewards! You can get anything from a Pura Vida Bracelet to an Instax Camera–the rewards are endless.

A Healthy Alternative

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Hailey Almsted

Now you have three reasons to already be head over heels in love with Hubert's, but here's one more. It is actually a healthy alternative to any other drink. Hubert's is gluten-free, GMO-free, vegetarian, and vegan! So, not only is this lemonade seriously delicous, it isn't as bad for you as it seems. Literally, everyone can enjoy Hubert's!

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Hailey Almsted

If you haven't already driven to the nearest Target to find Hubert's, here's your chance to do so. Because most stores carry limited quantities, make sure to hit up any store that carries Hubert's. Now, go find any and every flavor, and enjoy.