Chocolate that makes you I dreaming? Yes, you can sleep better by eating chocolate. We've all had sleepless nights spent tossing and turning. This problem can be solved by eating some melatonin chocolate. Good Day Chocolate, a company based out of Boulder, Colorado, has a wide array of chocolates that include supplements like vitamin D, melatonin, and even turmeric. I tested all of them out, and here's what I found: 

Sleep Chocolate

A shell of blue coloring covers these bite-sized chocolates, each containing 1mg of melatonin. The serving size is four, but the side of the packaging serves as a guide for the range of indulgence, depending on desired sleep levels. As a common user of melatonin, and a true lover of chocolate, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to swap out a typical melatonin capsule with chocolates. I don't notice a difference between the efficacy of the two other than the fact that the chocolate is finished at a much faster rate. I definitely recommend the investment in these sleep chocolates, allowing for a sweet treat before bed while still being able to get the right amount of nightly shut-eye! 

Calm Chocolate

The calm chocolate comes with a purple shell, containing a "calm blend" of magnesium oxide and a chamomile flower blend. The suggested serving size of 4 chocolates delivers a daily dose of "feeling fine." Its ingredients mimic those in a cup of calming tea, but no one would be against pairing the two together for some serious zen. 

Energy Chocolate

When your second cup of coffee just isn't doing the trick, pick up a serving of energy chocolates. Each serving contains 80mg of coffee, almost as much as your morning cup o' joe. Coffee and chocolate: what more could you ask for?

Probiotic Chocolate

I don't typically take probiotics, but being able to indulge while adding good bacteria into your body doesn't seem to be a bad option. Taking 6 chocolates give you a "tip-top tummy," so who can resist these green-shelled delicacies?  

Vitamin D3 Chocolate

Vitamin D3 is a natural vitamin that comes from exposure to the sun. Living through the cold midwestern winters drastically reduces our ability to receive this vitamin, which can lead to a decay of bone strength. Thus, taking 400IUs of Vitamin D in one serving of Good Day Chocolate greatly fulfills our recommended daily value of vitamin D. 

As a chocoholic, I am all for swapping out my daily supplements with a daily serving of chocolate candies. They are good enough that I can enjoy nightly chocolate to fall asleep as well as a sweet treat in the morning to wake myself up!