I'm sure by now you've heard of turmeric. The latest health food trend next to matcha & smoothie bowls. It's the bright yellow, pungent spice that's supposed to cure every ailment in your body. You know, the stuff that makes curry yellow. So, what's so magical about turmeric after all? Let me just tell ya: A LOT. 

1. Anti Inflammatory

Amylou McBride

Turmeric contains curcumin, a compound that is arguably more powerful than Ibuprofen. Really? Yep, and it gets rid of the inflammation in your body that you feel after an injury or eating some not-so-good for you foods. Inflammation is essentially when your body responds to either a foreign substance in your body (something your sensitive to), or a wound, by swelling.

So next time gluten accidentally enters your salad (ugh, the worst...), make sure you down some turmeric to counteract that inflammation that will likely happen in your body. 

2. Loaded with Antioxidants  

Blueberries, açai berries, chocolate, red wine...turmeric? What do they have in common? Antioxidants for days. Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body, which essentially means they fight cancer cells. Did you know that spices, like turmeric, actually tend to have higher antioxidant counts than all those 'super berries'? According to this list turmeric actually has more antioxidants than berries and dark chocolate. But, we can still have both, right?

#SpoonTip: try adding turmeric to your smoothies with some mango or pineapple for that crazy color and tons of antioxidants. Better than blueberries! 

3. Beneficial for Brain Health & Diseases

Want to ace those exams? Same. So I'll be loading up on turmeric throughout finals. It's known to boost hormone levels in the brain that fight neuron and cell degeneration, ensuring optimal brain health and functioning.  Also, turmeric is scientifically proven to fight heart disease, Alzeihemers and depression. Sounds like a super spice to me! 

Now that you know all the health benefits, you'll want to know how to even use turmeric. Here are two recipes to get you started. 

4. A Good Curry 

mushroom, chicken, sauce
Amylou McBride

I love a good curry. It's warming and comforting, but did you know it is super healthy and good for you? Most curries contain loads of herbs & spices which are not only super nutritious to add to your meal, but totally add flavor and depth to otherwise bland healthy foods! Turmeric, the one that makes curry yellow, is the highlight here. As you now know, it's so good for you, and the benefits can easily be absorbed in the form of a delicious curry

5. Turmeric Lattes

cream, soup
Amylou McBride

Yes! You can even make turmeric into lattes to absorb all the nutrients and health benefits of the spice. That is, if you don't load it up with inflammatory milks/creams/sugars, etc. Looking for a healthy turmeric latte you can make at home? Don't worry, I've got you covered right here

It's clear that turmeric is something you should be adding to your daily routine, or as often as you can. If you can get over the initial bitter, slightly pungent, taste and smell (and maybe some yellow stains), you'll start to appreciate the spice as a healthy addition to your food. It can be added to any dish -- from curries, to stir fries, and desserts. If you want an easy way to reduce inflammation, fight cancer and improve your brain health, just try whipping up a turmeric latte, and you're golden