As a Starbucks regular, I have to have their app downloaded on my phone. If I need storage, that is not the app I am deleting. I always pre-order my drink, and then immediately “set up shop” at one of their tables before forcing myself to get all of my assignments done. Something about their vanilla iced lattes and cold foam gets me so right for a busy school day. The longer I stay, the more coffee I buy. But now, a TikTok  revealed that we can get consistent refills during our visit.

Wait, you can get free refills at Starbucks?

Thanks to the Starbucks barista and content creator Mariam, we know exactly how free refills at Starbucks work. Mariam, known as @peachiemariam, makes beautiful Starbucks drink content on TikTok and Instagram. I consider her page to be like a secret menu for Starbucks. Her video on Starbucks refills went viral, and the hack was first reported by People

How do I get free refills at Starbucks?

First, you have to order and buy your drink of choice at the store — any drink, any size, doesn’t matter. After finishing it, you can return to the counter and show the baristas your account on the Starbucks app. Once the employees see this, you can get continuous refills of any regular coffee during that Starbuck’s visit. It could be warm, iced, or just a cold brew. Cold foam and lemonade are not included, but hot or iced tea is. 

This is definitely a reward college student Starbuck customers should use on weeks of exams. Starbucks will now (if it wasn’t already) be the ideal study spot. Once you’re already focused on your homework and the deadline is approaching, you’ll be able to keep caffeinated. Consider the refills Starbucks ' condolences to its customers for needing to stay up late to do work.