We've all been there. The dreaded day of love is creeping up on us and suddenly, the majority of your girls have found themselves single and alone AGAIN. Instead of burying your heads in books and patiently waiting for the day to be over, plan a super fun adventure for you and your friends to change your Valentine's Day into an epic Galentine's day. 

Capricorn: Go on a Hike

Molly Gallagher

Your ambitious nature and active mind will love when you grab your friends and hit the outdoors for some fresh air. The views will be the perfect opportunity to snap a cute Insta with your girls. 

Aquarius: Dinner and a Movie, Alone

Hattie Swank

You Aquarius girls don't care what people think of you, so you are confident enough in yourself to go out to dinner or grab a drink on your alone. It is a treat yo self kind of day, so buy yourself something nice, enjoy the scenery, and catch up with your friends when you're done. 

Pisces: Binge Watch Classic Romantic Movies

cereal, wheat, corn, popcorn, rice
Sara Carte

Being sensitive and reserved, treat this day as the perfect escape from reality. Invite your girls over for a movie marathon of the classics: "The Titanic," "The Notebook," and all your faves. Grab the popcorn, cry your eyes out, and forget the dumb boys who broke your hearts. 

Aries: Try Out the Newest Workout Trend

Your independent and courageous soul is calling you to the hottest new work out class in the city. Sign all your friends up and promise them a post-workout smoothie in return. Whether it be SoulCycle or Barry's, nothing says true friendship like feeling the burn together.

Taurus: Shopping Spree

Stay true to your easy going self and spend your day at the mall indulging in some retail therapy. Yes, you absolutely NEED that new bikini for spring break, and yes, your bestie should get the same one, too.  

Gemini: Hit the Bar

Known for your energy, you Geminis should throw on your all-black, chic af outfits and grab a drink with your friends at the trendiest new bar. Chances are, there will be a lot of other girl gangs doing the same thing as you.  

Cancer: Scope Out a Fun Concert

Ali Romadanov

As someone who loves to keep people guessing, find a random concert in your city and drag all your friends to it. Who knows? You might find the next biggest artist. 

Leo: Brunch, Brunch, and More Brunch

Hattie Swank

You Leos are known for being kind and generous, so treat your besties to an epic brunch. Keep the lattes flowing and the huevos rancheros extra spicy. It's sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Virgo: Go to Escape the Room

Being a very mind oriented person will come in handy during this fun activity. Test your friends brains by taking them to "Escape the Room." Find the hidden objects, figure out the clues, and solve the puzzles to earn your freedom and "escape."

Libra: Make a Dinner Res

With your expensive taste and diplomatic nature, a big dinner at the newest restaurant in town is just what you need. Dress up in your cutest clothes, and don't forget to splurge on the champagne.   

Scorpio: Spa Day

Scorpios tend to be very intense, so a spa day is just what you and your friends need. Treat yourself to a mani pedi, maybe even a facial, and finish your day off in the sauna for ultimate relaxation. 

Sagittarius: Reach Out to a New Friend

Hattie Swank

Your positive outlook on life and love for meeting new people will be a total plus on this Galentine's Day. Reach out to the girl you sit next to in class and invite her out with your friends for whatever you guys have planned. Life is too short for no new friends! 

Valentine's is a day for love, so enjoy this day by sharing the love with your girls! You really can't go wrong with any of these ideas, and they're all 100 percent guaranteed to take your mind off that last boy who blew it.