On Monday night's episode on The Bachelor, Corrine stated on the group date, "I do not wanna be on this group date. I want to be in a spa being fed a nice taco... preferably... chicken." Which got me wondering, what kind of spa serves chicken tacos? Does a spa like this really exist? So I got to researching, and the only places that came up after an initial Google search were nowhere near Miami and were mostly resorts that housed spas and restaurants, and sometimes they didn't even have tacos on those menus.

Let the search begin 

So, I dug a little deeper into the Miami spa scene and found The Miami Beach Edition hotel. While they don't have any spa packages specifically including tacos, they have both a spa and a restaurant that serves tacos! Including chipotle chicken tacos! Could this be the place? Could Corinne hire someone to feed her chipotle chicken tacos while getting a 24K Edition gold infused massage? Is Raquel the real taco hero here? I reached out to Corinne through email, but got no response.

Reality sets in

We may not know an exact location now, but if Corinne can arrange for a bouncy castle to arrive at the mansion, I firmly believe she can arrange to be fed tacos at the spa. And depending on how next week's two-on-one date goes with Taylor, spa chicken tacos in Miami may be in Corinne's near future. Until then, at least there's sushi and chicken nuggets.