It has been almost 4 months since I read this article telling me that Vancouver broke the record in 1985 with 28 consecutive days of rain. It is now 2017, and Vancouver is still experiencing a lot of rain. So as a food lover who's living in Raincouver, I wanted to explore this fundamental question: "Will the rain affect our appetite?"

Rain makes you get SAD

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According to scientists, lack of sunlight during winter can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD). The miserable sky and lack of sunlight will make you feel depressed and less energetic.

Now, this spells bad news as our brains cannot produce enough hormones for us to cook up an appetite. To sum it up, rain will make you SAD and not eat, not cool.

Rain makes you unwilling to spend money

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Robin Chohan

People tend to spend more money during sunny days. According to Vinita Mehta Ph.D., Ed.M., she explains how there is sufficient research which correlates sunlight with more spending.

Which unfortunately also means that on a rainy day, you are most likely unwilling to treat yourself to some delicious food. I mean frankly, during a rainy day I don't even want to step outside in the first place.

It can, however, make you eat more

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Robin Chohan

The good news about rain is that it can, in fact, make you crave more carbohydrates. Following this article, lack of sunlight reduces serotonin uptake of our bodies, which can lead to a higher craving for carbohydrates. Don't know any place to amuse your stomach with carbohydrates? Check this article out for a guide to satisfying those carbohydrate cravings you've been having.

While Raincouver makes us more depressed, lazy and wanting to hug our pillows, don't let the rain stop you from eating some amazing food Vancouver has to offer. Get your rain boots, rain coat, and umbrellas out and explore the city of rain.