It's that time of year again. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting hotter. You and your friends are getting ready to spend your days at the beach, but also want to have a bit more fun than everyone else. Booze is a must-have, but unfortunately most beaches don't allow alcohol, which means you have to buy some pricey drink at the closest beach bar, chug your alc hastily, or wait till your beach day is over. You should be able to enjoy yourself and drink at the beach, all while avoiding those fines and having to throw your alc away, by using these tips to sneak alcohol on California beaches.

Flask Sandals

You were gonna wear sandals anyway. These sandals hold about 4 shots worth of liquor and conceals it pretty well. The best part: You don't have to hold on to it. Just put some alcohol in the sandal, go to the beach, take off your sandal, pour it in a cup, and drink away.

Beach Tents

It's pretty hard to handle-pull out in the open on the beach without drawing too much attention to yourself. Get yourself a beach tent and store all of your alcohol there and drink away without worrying about being noticed. Just try to stay outside of the tent some of the time so it doesn't look too obvious that something shady is going on in that tent.

Sunscreen Bottle Flask

The perfect way to get drunk out on the beach. This sunscreen bottle flask can be filled to the brim with your favorite alc, just make sure to bring some ice or chill the bottle flask in the freezer the day before. Don't forget which sunscreen bottle is the right one. It would be a shame if you wasted your hidden alcohol by lathering it on yourself. 

Water Bottle

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Emery Sereno

A water bottle is a common way to sneak alcohol in public, especially if it's a clear alc like Vodka, Gin, and Silver Tequila. Use an empty water bottle of any size and fill it up with alcohol.

Hide Your Beer in a Soft Drink Cup

Keep your beer cold under the hot sun. This is a great way to not get caught on the beach. Why would you ever look suspicious with a McDonald's or In-N-Out cup in your hand? An alternative to this would be to get a cup with ice and fill it with Jack and Coke. Tastes better, gives you a better buzz, and you're not limited to less than the size of the cup. We won't tell if you won't.

Soda Can Beer Sleeve

This is for the beach drinker who doesn't want to try too hard to hide their beer. You can cut out a soda can and turn it into a sleeve for your beer can. One sleeve can be used on several beer cans, so there's no need to spend too much time on several sleeves. Makes it easier to drink on the beach by switching out a finished can for a nice cold one from the cooler. 

Alcoholic Popsicles

Who said popsicles are only for kids? Switch it up by turning your drinks into a popsicle! Blend your favorite alcohol and drink mixes with some fruit and let it freeze overnight to enjoy a dope frozen shot with all the fun of a dessert.


Californians love burritos and a beerito is a whole new paradigm. Take your favorite brewski and wrap it up with a tortilla and an aluminum foil and sip away. Warning: Does not come with a side of guac.

Spiked Fruit

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Marlee Goldman

Your parents always told you to eat your fruits. It would be a shame not to take their advice, right? Spike your favorite fruit with booze and eat away. It's a safer way of not getting caught by beach cops and tastes great too. Who has the time to make something with alc when you can just stick a bottle into a fruit instead. My favorite is to spike a watermelon with tequila. Later when you have a slice of that watermelon, you can drench it with some salt and lime and have in instant fiesta in your mouth and liver.

While alcohol and beer is great to sip on, don't forget to bring and drink clean water during your time at the beach. Alcohol and beer dehydrates you and the nearest source of water has salt in it, so stay safe and drink responsibly.