Have you ever been in a crowded restaurant where you can barely think straight? While living in New York City, I have definitely experienced my fair share of crowded restaurants. During these moments, I usually wish I had something tactile on me that I could use to ground myself like a stone. A few weeks ago, Toucheys reached out to me and told me about their upcoming Toucheys Cube and I needed to learn more and I want to share that information with you. 

What Is Toucheys Cube?

Photo Courtesy of Toucheys

Touchey's Cube is a way for one to practice mindfulness by engaging with the sense of touch. Meditation involves paying close attention to your surroundings and developing bodily awareness. 

The Six Unique Textures

Photo Courtesy of Toucheys

Toucheys Cube has six unique textures that each can be used to relieve stress and improve focus. The textures on the cube include wood, glass, linen, metal, clay and wool. 

Toucheys Cube is made with the help of many professionals including Marcel Vlamynck (glass), Phillip Woods (linen), Maxime Van Besien (wood), Philip Kerbs (metal) and Maggie Atanassova (clay). 

Why Toucheys Cube?

Photo Courtesy of Toucheys

Toucheys Cube appealed to me because as a food blogger in NYC, I definitely experience anxiety meeting new people and going to new restaurants. Toucheys Cube is small and portable making it easy to transport whether it be out to a restaurant or to class. 

My specific anxiety triggers include crowded spaces and dim lighting. Usually when I go to a restaurant in NYC, both of these situations arise. Sometimes I have to step outside to collect myself, but with Toucheys Cube I can practice mindfulness and grounding techniques from my seat. 

Where Can I Get A Toucheys Cube?

On their Kickstarter, you can click the button that says "back this product", which is the equivalent of "buy". After this campaign is over, the cube will be sold on their site!

The first 200 cubes will be available at around $40, then the price will increase to $45.