Now that orientation is done and the first week of classes have rolled around, you're probably left with some summertime sadness. Naturally, you're hiding your tears in a bowl of ramen.

We don't blame you, but we can help. Throw away those basic instant noodles and find out how to best recover from o-week depending on what year you're in.

First Years: Burrito Bowl

rice, vegetable, pepper, sauce, burrito, chicken
Photo by Heather Harris

You're already on the road to the freshman 15, so why not embrace it? I'm not telling you to go to all of your fav fast food restaurants in one night, but freshmen are usually too hungover or exhausted to recover on just a salad.

A burrito bowl is the perfect way to recuperate from your first ever orientation week. Now you can feel slightly in control of your life while you kill that headache with some nutritious veggies, soul-warming guac and hearty meat and beans.

Second Years: Coffee Frappuccino w/ Espresso Shot

coffee, milk, beer, chocolate, espresso, cream, cappuccino
Lauren Murray

Oh, sophomores... you still have the energy of a first year, but now that you've learned the ropes, you can confidently sport your school spirit. You may have been an orientation leader or just reuniting with your crew. Either way, you were hustling about and deserve to treat yo' self.

You might not have time to make your own frappuccino, but you definitely have time to go to Starbucks. This is the perfect way to get the caffeine boost you need to keep going and the brand name to keep you on trend.

Third Years: Extreme Bloody Mary

Photo by Bonnie Tynes

You juniors are probably still lit while reading this and I don't blame you. By now, you know how to enjoy the last days of summer before you hit the books. "Work hard, play hard" is your mantra and you don't even need me to tell you how to recover from orientation week. 

In case you've forgotten, a Bloody Mary is the way to go. Not just any plain Bloody Mary though — an extravagant, extreme Bloody Mary. You need one topped with carbs, protein and veggies so that you can refuel for the challenges of syllabus week.

Fourth Years: Sushi

sushi, rice, seafood, fish, shrimp, salmon, tuna
Photo by Marissa Sherman

Whether it be all-you-can-eat or a few pieces of the finest quality, sushi is the way to go for ye veterans. You know the ins-and-outs of the food scene at your school, so grab your old comrades and hit your favorite sushi joint. 

If you want to show that you've matured into a refined senior, you could even make your own sushi rolls. Forget learning how to recover from orientation—you're probably reminiscing as an o-week legend.

Whatever year you're in, it's time to grab some soul food, take a nap, and go conquer syllabus week. We believe in you.