National Wine Day — whether you've heard of it before or not, it's a day to celebrate all things wine and to you know, drink wine (if you're of legal drinking age, that is). The thing with National Wine Day is that it's to be celebrated each May 25th at any time of the day, because, in my eyes, there are no rules to when you drink. You might be thinking to yourself that wine is wine and that it doesn't matter which type or brand of wine that you drink, and technically, you're correct, but no two wines are the exact same. This year for National Wine Day, try drinking any of the following brands.

All of the brands:

Liz Abere

1. Cupcake Vineyards

Similar to the infamous Barefoot Wines, Cupcake Vineyards is an affordable wine brand, with bottles ranging in price from $10.99 to $12.99. Cupcake Vineyards also has canned versions of their sauvignon blanc, rosé, and sparkling rosé that come in groups of 12 and retail for $83.99. Each bottle is a mere 25.4 ounces or 750ml as the pros say, and each can is 375ml or 12.7 ounces in normal people measurements. 

2. Mionetto

Created back in 1887, Mionetto creates some of my favorite Prosecco and rosé as part of their "Prestige Collection." Asides from this line of wine which also includes organic Prosecco that's extra dry, and Moscato dolce (which only comes in 187ml bottles, according to Mionetto's website). Mionetto also has its "Luxury Collection," "IL Collection," and their "Avantgarde Collection" which are all worth checking out. 

3. Whispering Angel

One of the best selling rosés out on the market just so happens to be Whispering Angel. Angels might not be able to whisper while drinking this rosé, but they can try to do such. Besides, not that I'm promoting binge drinking, but if you've had a little too much wine to drink, then you might be able to hear the angels whispering to one another, and they could be talking about you. 

4. Bev

Bev is canned wine that's made by chicks for everyone to enjoy. On their website, you can buy either rosé, sauvignon blanc, or Pinot Grigio. Shipping's always free, and all of their wines pair well with chicken nuggets and Trader Joe's newest sprinkle cookies, which is all that I care about, truly. 

5. Winc

If you're wondering, this is the company behind the oh so popular Summer Water that my guy friend's now addicted to. This goes to show that anyone can drink rosé and take a liking to it. The nice thing about Winc is that you can either join their club or purchase bottles individually and receive 10% off in the midst of it all. If Summer Water's all sold out, then I highly recommend Debts and Lessons, which is a riesling. 

6. DAOU Family Estates

If you're wondering what DAOU Family Estates just so happens to be, they're a winery that's based in Paso that's known for their wines which are highly rated. Some of their highest-rated wines include Reserve Cabernet (91 points), the Estate Cabernet (94 points), and Soul of a Lion (96 points). Also, the estates just came out with their 2019 Discovery Rosé last month aka April, and it's only $20..... score. 

7. Dark Horse

Also known for cheap wine similar to Cupcake Vineyards, Dark Horse has a great rosé for only $9.99. While they have an array of affordable wines on their website, the main reason that you should give them a try is because of the quality of the wine. Said wine tastes better than some of the more expensive brands, so now you don't have to go breaking the bank when you want to drink. 

8. Wölffer Estate

Known for their Summer in a Bottle rosé, Wölffer also has an array of other wines, ciders, and even gin to choose from, thus differentiating themselves from the other wine brands that are out on the market. I'm personally a fan of their rosé and white cider, although they also have a red cider.

9. Underwood 

Known for selling canned wine and bottles, Underwood is part of the Union Wine Company... whatever that is, but I should educate myself on that. A four-pack of cans retails for $28, which isn't bad since it's nearly two bottles of wine that you're getting. Just make sure to keep the cans chilled so that they don't taste flat. 

10. Chateau Ste Michelle

A Washington wine company, I'm honestly in love with their Riesling. Of course, the company has other wines to choose from on their website, but their Riesling pairs well with sushi, if that's your thing. 

11. Wines of Sicily

If you're wondering, although the name of the company is self-explanatory, these are wines from the island of Sicily, which is part of Italy. Major retailers like Binny’s and Total Wine & More and delivery services like Drizly and Instacart have these wines, depending on where the customer is based. The thing with Wines of Sicily is that they have different varietals, which makes each wine different. Below consists of more information regarding the varietals.

Nero d’Avola - the KING of grapes in Sicily - is a beautifully bold and full-bodied red with notes of sweet spices and cocoa that make it perfect for pairing with hearty foods and red meats. This unique red wine is produced from an indigenous grape that can only be found on the island of Sicily, a fun fact that’s sure to impress anyone about this wine choice. Nero d’Avola’s balance of acidity and tannins make it a great pairing with BBQ or grilled seafood like swordfish.

Grillo - is an aromatic white wine that has herbal notes and a bright acidity that pulls out the savory and salinity of flavors that pairs beautifully with grilled vegetables, shrimp, salmon, and more.

Frappato - A Sicilian favorite, especially when served chilled. Frappato is perfect for those at the table who prefer a fruit-forward and light-bodied red wine and is a great alternative to Pinot Noir. Ruby color with violet hues, with intense aromas of violet, spices and red cherry, a medium body, ripe tannins, and a lingering freshness that’s persistent and balanced. Pairings: pasta with sauce, pizza, roasted meats, potatoes, fresh and soft cheese.

Catarratto - Yellow with hints of green, with a delicate bouquet of white flowers, aromas of ripe citrus, melon and herbal flavors, a full-body, and healthy acidity. Pairings: marinated antipasti dishes and various preparations of seafood, crustaceans, and vegetarian first courses.

Inzolia - Straw-yellow with hints of green, with aromas of flowers, understated fruit aromas and flavors featuring nuts and herbs, a soft acidity, finesse and elegance, well-balanced alcohol and a soft, mineral finish. Pairings: mushroom pasta, baked or grilled fish, white meats, entrées featuring some dairy.

12. La Marca

Technically a Prosecco company, you better believe that La Marca's Prosecco is on a whole other world. It's hard to see it go for more than $18, thus making it an affordable wine to consume regularly. Also, you can use said Prosecco to make any of the following drinks, if wine cocktails are your thing. 

13. Santa Margherita 

Once upon a time, Drake once stated that "We got Santa Margherita by the liter." While this may or may not be true for some people, it's definitely a wine brand that you shouldn't be passing up. While Drake's favorite Santa Margherita wine is their Pinot Grigio, mine's their sparkling rosé... shocker, right? Not really. 

14. Moët and Chandon

Möet and Chandon is technically a champagne company, but champagne is technically a wine, so I thought that it'd be nice to include them in this article. Although they do have rosé champagnes which would be perfect for this upcoming summer season, I'll be sticking with my Nectar Impérial champagne which is my utmost favorite champagne. 

Whichever brand or brands you end up trying, don't forget to put a wine condom on the top of the bottle after it's open (if there's still product left in the bottle) so that the wine doesn't go bad. While you're sat it, you might want to check out these hilarious wine labels that are completely relatable for us millennials.