Before you ask, no this is not a condom that tastes like wine. Yes, that was my first assumption as well. But just wait, the reality is way cooler.

Picture this: Wine Wednesday. Everybody that's anybody comes stacked with the classics, Pinot, Moscato, Chardonnay, and bottles begin to go down like water. Corks are flying, heads are buzzing and the night itself is filled with laughs over the classiness of getting drunk while sipping out of a wine glass. 

By the end of the night, there is always that one person who fails to finish their end of the bargain. A half filled bottle of wine is left to question—to toss or not to toss?

Do not fret my friends because you will never have to make that difficult decision ever again.

Wine condoms are the newest and greatest invention of this generation. Never will your leftover wine go to waste. The wine condom simply covers your bottle to securely keep all liquids inside and keeps the content fresh.

Made from 100% tuxedo black rubber, the condoms snugly roll over the opening of any bottle from standard or magnum-sized wine bottles. They can also be used to cover beer and liquor bottles. 

The condoms come in a pack of six reusable stoppers and are claimed to be 99.9% effective at preventing unplanned wine spillages in the fridge. At $10 a pack, these babies serve as the perfect gag gift for the wine enthusiast in your life (If that person is you, treat yo self).

The future of wine is here. Bring out the condoms.