For me, knowing how to peel a mango is a Tinder bio-worthy skill. Mangos are outrageously versatile, from non-traditional pancakes to simple summer salads. I could eat plain mango all day, but it's also perfect in salty and sweet dishes. If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life, this guac would probably be it. 

I go to school in Virginia, and the last time I checked, the Appalachian Mountains aren't exactly a tropical mango haven. The mangos I buy at the grocery store are definitely not the gooey, falling-off-the-tree kind of mangos you'd find on a Caribbean island, and as much as I'd love to be able to literally hand-peel my fruit, I've come up with an equally useful method.

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There are all sorts of tricks for cutting mangos on the internet, but I know not to believe every(any)thing I read on here. Maybe I'm just uncoordinated, but I've tried and failed at this trick far too many times to admit. This method is great for Instagram pictures, but the aftermath looks a little something like me with fruit all over my face.

Out of necessity, I've developed a mango peeling method that doesn't waste a scrap of fruit, and won't give you a facial in the meantime. It seems a little backwards, but you don't actually peel the mango until after you've cut it. This is how to peel a mango 2.0.

Let's Get Started:

Abby Power

Step 1: Stand mango upright, nub side down.

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Step 2: To cut one of the cheeks, start slicing from the top of the mango, almost exactly at the center but angled a little bit toward one side. When you feel the pit, start to slice along it as closely as you can. It should feel almost like you're grazing the pit.

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Step 3: Before slicing the other cheek, shave the little bits along the sides of the pit. This makes it easier to get a clean cut on the other side, and they're a great snack.

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Step 4: Slice the second cheek off in the same way. This should be easier because the pit is totally visible on the first side. You should have two perfect mango halves.

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Step 5: Instead of scoring the mango halves in a criss-crossed pattern, slice them into strips.

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Step 6: Then, slice the strips into cubes, but don't pierce the skin.

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Step 7: From here, you can either slice the cubes off of the peel or just munch on the precut strips.

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Step 8: Pat yourself on the back for getting every little scrap.

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I stand by this as the most convenient and waste-free way to prepare a mango. Because this method leaves no fruit behind, you don't get stuck trying to gnaw bits of mango off of the pit while successfully getting most of it stuck in your teeth (ain't nobody got time to floss).

Now that you've learned how to peel a mango, what's stopping you from telling everyone you know? Saving food is cool. Let the people know. Update your Tinder profile, tell your future employers, and make sure to use #nomangoleftbehind aggressively. Or, you could just try out some new recipes with all of the mango you've cut.