Tired of getting out of bed to make your late night noodles? Looking for some cute dorm decor? Here's a solution for both! 

Alison Hooper

What you need:

3  Removable Hooks (I prefer Command hooks)* 

3 Of Your Favorite Sturdy Stopping Bags (no plastic bags)*

Ramen (or your preferred instant noodle)

Ramen Utensils and Bowls

Water Bottles or a Water Pitcher

An Electric Kettle

*the number may change based on personal need*

Alison Hooper


First, determine where you want to hang your bags. I choose to hang mine vertically along the wall next to my bed for convenience.  

After putting up the hooks, hang your bags in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to you. I have pink and black bed sheets, so I chose to use pink and black bags from recent purchases made at the local mall.

American Eagle, Victoria's Secret, Sephora, Starbucks, Lush, and Hollister all make great sturdy bags with fun designs. The great part about using bags from recent purchases, is that they reflect on you and your personal style. 

Alison Hooper


Use the hanging bags to organize your noodle essentials. For me, this means having a bag for silverware and bowls, another bag for chicken ramen, and a final bag to hold a collection of multi flavor ramen like chili and beef flavor. 

Alison Hooper


Make sure that there is a power outlet near your bed, or find an extension cord, and drag a side table over to hold your electric kettle.

This part is crucial, make sure that the kettle is within an arms length from your bed so that you can easily turn it on and off without your head leaving the pillow. 

Keep water bottles, or a pitcher on the table, or the floor next to your bed. If you have a strong enough bag you could even hang the bottles, just make sure to keep them close at hand. 

Alison Hooper


Aside from personalizing your bag choice, you can spruce up your system to match the season. For example, with the holiday spirit in the air this month, I've decided to wrap my bags in fairy lights. You can decorate your bags with photos, ornaments and glitter, or keep them plain if that's your thing. The best part of this, is that it isn't at all serious, and its easily removable, have some fun with it! 

I've found that people do not even notice that the bags on my wall are secretly holding all the necessities for my guilty pleasure. If you do it well, its all about the decor and no one will be the wiser. 

Alison Hooper


Now you are ready to cook, when it's time to eat, just flick on the kettle, grab a packet and bowl and you're good to go! Getting out of bed to make ramen will never be a problem again with this fool proof noodle system!

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Caroline Liu

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