If you're reading this, you're probably searching for how to lose weight. Well I'm going to give you something more. I'll describe how I lost weight and after you experiment with my plan, you'll also learn how to maintain your body.

To start off, I was never unhappy with my body or weight. When I started this journey, I simply wanted to challenge myself. Since I was born (I was a pretty fat baby), I had never been skinny. Sure, we all have different definitions of "skinny," but I was definitely chubby my whole life. What can I say? I loved to eat and I had a serious sweet tooth.

During senior year of high school, I began to invest in myself more. For the first time, I wanted to go on a diet and succeed; hence I embarked on a journey that affects my lifestyle to this day. This is how I lost 23 pounds in two months.

Meal Plan

There was no variety of food. My main dishes were always eggs, chicken breast, and steak. For breakfast, I would have half an apple, three eggs, and a serving of oatmeal. For lunch, it was a small portion of fruits, 100 grams of chicken, and half a yam. Dinner was 100 grams of steak (sometimes salmon or tilapia) and lots of leafy greens. I promise it's not all as bad as it may sound. There're plenty of ways/recipes to make these meals better.

Cardio every morning

Working out and dieting is also a discipline. There's always going to be something that you don't want to do to achieve something greater. Pianists love performing their music, but they probably hate practicing for hours every day. Speakers may love talking in front of audiences, changing lives, but they probably hate practicing countless times in front of mirrors. If fitness is a goal, there's no place for laziness. Set that treadmill to a 3.0 mph and a 10.0 incline and walk for 30 minutes (before breakfast).

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Jocelyn Hsu

Always eat breakfast 

If you finished that morning cardio, you have time for breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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Christin Urso

Weigh in every morning

Indeed, it is unhealthy to check your weight every single day. I realize there are more advice against this. But it depends on when and why. I didn't weigh in to bash myself for being "fat" and feel bad about eating. That would've been detrimental to my physical and mental health. However, I utilized my scale to keep myself accountable. I had a fitness goal and the continuous decrease in numbers kept me motivated.

(Of course, I don't weigh myself every morning anymore. I check my weight maybe once a month only to check how I've been eating. This step should only be used if you're someone like me, have a goal within a time frame, and can't help but be motivated by numbers.)

NO snacks

Don't eat any snacks, chips, fruits, gum, smoothies, etc. Eat only your three portioned meals.

Weight training three times a week

If you have never worked out in your life, it's OK. Neither had I. I had never lifted a single weight. I was a walking tofu. So, it was a learning experience. I was lucky to have several friends that were bodybuilders to devise workout plans for me. There are also plenty of workout guides to follow online. But, be warned. The first day of leg-day will be hell. You won't be able to feel your limbs walking down the stairs. Then when you start seeing those pants sizes shrink, you'll know it was worth the pain.

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Carolyne Su

One cheat meal per week (not a cheat day)

This is an essential part of the diet plan. Eat something fattening, greasy, fried, and whatever you want for ONE meal of the week. Having a restricted low-carb diet may slow down your metabolism, but these once-in-awhile cheat meals will give it a "kick start." 

At the end...

The end? There is no end, really. You will learn that dieting and working out is a lifestyle. This journey will offer more than a slimmer waist. It will give you knowledge of your own body and how your body reacts to different food groups, which workouts give you the best results, and so much more. Hopefully, this will be a life-changing learning process for you like it was for me.