I've been on and off a gluten-free diet for two years now. Over the past few months, however, I've become more strict about eating gluten free. Thankfully, Muhlenberg has just about anything you can think of to satisfy your gluten free needs. Here are a few tips that might help you understand how to live a gluten-free life on a college campus. 

Don't Be Afraid to Ask

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Maddie Ricci

Being gluten-free has taught me many things, but the most important lesson was that I should never be afraid to ask. If I am unsure if something is gluten-free or not, asking never hurts.

#SpoonTip: Email your school's dining hall to further understand what is gluten free and is safe to eat.

Always Have Extras

Stephanie Schoenster

When I go to the dining hall I always make sure to take an apple or extra food back to my room just for a late night snack. Even though many foods today are gluten-free, there will be times when you are craving a snack and scramble to find a gluten-free option. Don't be afraid to make quick runs to Whole Foods and stock up on your favorite products.

Plan Ahead

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Katie Walsh

If you and a group of friends plan on going out to eat, make sure there are gluten-free options for you to eat. We wouldn't want you getting sick on an empty stomach. If you do get hungry, make sure to grab one of these healthy snacks that are tasty and gluten-free.

Never Apologize

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Lauren Kruchten

When it's 1 am and your friends are eating pizza and they offer you a slice, never feel bad for rejecting it. Being gluten-free is not the end of the world and many pizza places now offer delicious gluten-free pizza. In fact, Pizza Hut now offers a totally gluten-free pizza, meaning the cheese and sauce are stored separately.

Now a days, being gluten-free is the least of my worries. These tips can help you navigate how to live a gluten-free life on a college campus.