People love to talk about their college late-night-eats adventures. Domino's, quesadillas, cookies...the works. These conversations are a bit more bland for those of us who are gluten free. Muhlenberg is super accommodating for people who are allergic/intolerant to gluten. But it can still be tough to go for the gluten free options when everyone around you is eating Chicken Nuggets or Nutella French Toast. But being gluten free doesn’t have to be boring! Here are a couple of gluten free options at GQ that will be sure to satisfy all your cravings.

1. French Fries

vegetable, salt, french fries
sabrina roth

If you have Celiac disease, this option will not work for you because the fryer comes in contact with gluten. But for people like me who are only intolerant, french fries are a great move! You can even spice them up with some cheese, or be adventurous and get sweet potato fries!

2. Sushi

meat, chicken, barbecue
sabrina roth

Choosing sushi may not be everyone’s first instinct but most rolls are gluten free, so it’s a good option if you are feeling it! Just make sure there is no tempura on the roll you choose! 

3. Ice cream

sabrina roth

An easy and satisfying snack is a pint of ice cream! GQ is stocked with different flavors. Don't forget to check the ingredients before snacking!

4. Chips

dairy product, chips
sabrina roth

GQ has an excellent selection of snacks. Fun fact: most chips are gluten free because they are made with corn or potato! Always read the ingredients before eating them, but you are usually safe with most of the snacks at GQ. If you have celiacs, check that the chips are certified gluten free because the snacks could be cross contaminated from the factory. 

5. Anything from the gluten free section!

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sabrina roth

Of course anything from the gluten free section is fair game. You can also ask for any sandwich to be made on gluten free bread! Thank you, Muhlenberg! 

Who needs gluten when you have all of these excellent options!? No more feeling left out, it’s time for gluten free people to have some fun!