Summer is here, which means that people will be breaking out their grills for hot dogs, burgers and veggies. Lighter fluid can be dangerous, messy and add a chemical taste on your meal. In this article I will help you learn one way to light a charcoal grill without lighter fluid.

My dad is a grilling master and has taught me everything I know about grilling. His way of lighting a grill is super simple and doesn't involve any hair being singed.

1. Remove the grate

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Kara Schiaparelli

This might seem like an obvious one, but you have to remove the grate to get to the coals. 

2. Add fresh coals (if necessary)

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Kara Schiaparelli

Depending on what type of grill you have, this might not be necessary. For instance, our grill snuffs out the flame efficiently so the coals are left for reuse.

3. Get yourself a firestarter briquette

Kara Schiaparelli

This is what we're using instead of lighter fluid. You can pick these up at your local grocery store, hardware store, or anywhere you get charcoal.

#SpoonTip: These burn much cleaner than lighter fluid and burns completely away, so there is no residual flavor.

4. Open the vents

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Kara Schiaparelli

This allows for air circulation and fire needs air.

5. Bury the firestarter in the top layer of the coals and light it

Kara Schiaparelli

The only way for the coals to be lit, is for the firestarter to be in contact with the coals. Then just light the firestarter according to package instructions. 

6. Close the lid and let it burn baby burn

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Kara Schiaparelli

Again make sure that the vents are open. If they are not, then the firestarter will snuff itself out. Wait 5-10 minutes and then you'll be grilling.

7. Check the coals

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Kara Schiaparelli

At this point, the firestarter should have burned away and lit the coals. You can redistribute the coals to allow for a more even heating distribution. 

#SpoonTip: Before completely opening the lid, lift it a bit to let some smoke out (or as my dad says it, give it a "burp"). This prevents you from singeing any hair.

8. Put the grate back on and voilà

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Kara Schiaparelli

Allow the grate to heat up for a few minutes and then you're done. Here my Dad was roasting an amazing porchetta on the grill.

Now that your grill is hot and ready, pick out some great foods to cook up. You could grill fruit, dessertsfish, or the perfect burger. The world is your oyster when it comes to grilling.