With summer here and already making temperatures hit the triple digits, there's one question that's on everyone's mind: how to stay cool. Or if you're like me and love spending your summers in the "Great Outdoors," then you might be wondering how to keep your food cold while camping. Because nobody likes melted chocolate and marshmallows until after the s'mores are made, amiright?

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Elizabeth Vana

When you go camping, the problem of making sure food stays unspoiled and chill can be difficult; it's not like you can bring a fridge to the woods (unless you're glamping, in which case, enjoy your atypical camp experience). But don't get all hot and bothered, because with these simple tips for packing your food supplies, you'll be an expert on how to keep your food cold while camping.

1) Invest in a Cooler

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Elizabeth Vana

Keeping the summer heat away from frozen hot dogs and chilled drinks starts with a proper storage container. A cooler is easy to carry around, and will keep your food cold all through your camping trip. Most coolers range from $10-$50, making them an affordable investment in keeping food cold while camping.

If you can't get your hands on a cooler, don't despair. You can make a DIY Cooler! Find a box with a lid, and cover the inside with aluminum foil. It won't work as well as a cooler, but it works in a pinch.

2) Ice It Up

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Elizabeth Vana

A good cooler will keep your food insulated, but what really helps it chill out is ice. Filling the cooler with ice will help ensure your campfire goodies stay nice and cold. In addition to filling the cooler with ice, you also want to make sure you freeze or refrigerate the food your storing, so everything starts out ice-cold. Don't get your camp trip off to a lukewarm start by putting room-temperature food into the cooler.

3) Improv Ice Packs

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The only downside about using ice is that it may melt and leave you will a cooler full of cold water. To fix this (and economize space), improvise your own ice packs! The easiest one is to freeze water bottles to use as ice packs in your cooler.

You can also fill zip-lock bags with water and freeze those, but my personal preference is plastic water bottles, because you can take them out and drink them––and then not only are you better hydrated, but the cooler is lighter to carry when you go home. #lazylifehack

4) Keep it in the Dark

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Elizabeth Vana

Make sure you store the cooler somewhere dark and insulated, like the trunk of car, below a tent, or under a shady tree. Direct sunlight bearing down on your cooler will warm up the food inside, so tuck it away from the sun's rays. When it comes to keeping food cold and unspoiled, you really have it made in the shade. 

5) Zip-Lock Bags are your Best Friend

Elizabeth Vana

Even if you follow my advice to the letter, the reality of camping life is that some of your ice is going to melt, and your food is going to get a little wet. Solve this problem by putting all your individual packages into zip lock bags before you put them in the cooler. Presto! Your food is cold, dry, and ready to be enjoyed around the campfire.

Keeping your food cold during a camp trip is as simple and easy as putting a s'more together. Now that you know how to keep food cold while camping, get out and explore the "Great Outdoors." With summer here, the real challenges are keeping away those pesky mosquitos and figuring out what to eat on your camp trip