I have fond childhood memories begging my parents to take me to McDonald's because all I wanted was a box of McNuggets and that brightly-colored toy inside a Happy Meal. I would try to convince my parents there was no food at home to not much success. The McNuggets were the only food I wanted! Even now, as a young adult, I still desire the McNuggets out of taste and nostalgia.

How to get free McDonald's McNuggets

Today, of all days, is the best day to relive that nostalgia. The well-known McNugget from McDonald's is celebrating its 40th anniversary today. As a way of commemorating a period of my childhood, you can enter to win a free meal of six chicken nuggets from McDonald's only today, January 18. You must order the six-piece meal through the McDonald's app in order to be eligible. After downloading the app and making an account, choose the complimentary six-piece chicken meal as an option. Each customer is only allowed to redeem it once.

The History of the McNugget

Robert Baker, an agricultural scientist, created chicken nuggets in 1963 and distributed the recipe to businesses across America. It wasn’t added to the McDonald’s menu until 1983 when the fast food chain was developing an onion nugget. Luckily, McDoanld’s pivoted to take chicken nuggets and turn them into the iconic McNuggets we know and love today. So go ahead and get yourself a six-, nine-, or even a 20-piece box today.