College: a place where the possibility of gaining the freshman 15 while being on the ramen noodle budget overwhelms most. I have fallen in love with fitness classes ever since arriving here in Madison. While there are so many studios around every corner, it can be hard to figure out which are worth the price tag. But don't fear! We have compiled a list of a week's worth of free workouts in Madison, Wisconsin anyone can try

Monday: KAMPS

KAMPS fitness is a — HIIT— or high intensity interval training class. It is 50 minute class meant to kick ya in the butt. Half of the time is spent on the treadmills and the other half on the floor using weights targeting strength training. Each day is different which is great if you are tired of doing the same thing everyday. Also, Kamps offers new clients a free week of classes, so be sure to take advantage if you're looking to change things up.

*First class free

Tuesday: CYC 

CYC fitness is a cycling studio whose motto is "own your beat". It is a 45 minute beat-based spin class. It is a party on a bike, which is aimed to keep your whole body engaged while riding along to your favorite songs. The environment is welcoming to all and the music ranges from rock 'n roll to EDM.  

*First Class Free

Wednesday: November Project

On Wednesdays, a group of ambitious people meet at the Abraham Lincoln statue at 6:30- 7:20am. November Project is a movement that is happening in many cities around the country providing a smaller community to uplift one another. No matter the temperature or weather condition, you will find these dedicated people supporting each other through 50 minutes of running and strength training exercises. Their motto is “just show up.” 

*It’s Always Free

Thursday: KAMPS

HIIT it hard for the second time this week!

*First Week Free

Friday: Flyght

Flyght is a cycling studio whose motto is "pedal sweat unite." Flyght it an uplighting class consisting of time trials, arm weight, strobe lights, and much more. It not only is a sweaty 45 minute workout, it is so much fun that you will not even think about how tired your legs are. Get ready to take off at Flyght. 

*First Class Free

Saturday: Take a walk to Picnic Point

The path from Memorial Union to Picnic Point is about 2 miles. The views from Picnic Point are amazing and worth the walk! I love walking the scenic trail with a friend or listening to my favorite podcast. It is a great way to get outside and take in the beautiful scenery of Madison. 

*Enjoy the nature around you

Sunday: Dragonfly Hot Yoga

End the week at Dragonfly. A studio that offers yoga, barre, and fitness classes. This studio creates an atmosphere where every shape, size, and person are welcome. With a variety of different classes from a relaxing yin class to a heated yoga sculpt class, there will be something that appeals to any mood. 

*First Class Free

Honorable mention: Barre Code Madison has a offer where your first class is $10

When looking for a place to go to sweat it out, know that Madison, WI has you covered! Have fun trying different studios and finding the one that makes you the most excited. Enjoy your free workouts in Madison.