As a college student, it can be pretty difficult to eat anything better than a baggie of cereal without milk or hot pockets from 7/11, unless you want to pay what your bank account would consider a fortune. Lucky for you, we know how to eat well but cheap in SLC.

1. Alberto's Mini Burritos and Free Horchata

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Becky Hughes

These bad boys pack a lot of yum in a little pouch. Any burrito from the menu can be made mini for a lovely $3.99 and are actually a very satisfying amount of burrito. Head to Alberto's Mexican Restaurant on 511 S 300 W on a Tuesday and get a free horchata with any order. 

2. Zao's Single Taco and Free Drink

tacos, meat, parsley, vegetable, tomato, bread, lettuce, pork, beef, chicken
Hana Brannigan

This Asian fusion restaurant (basically your Asian Cafe Rio) has exactly the right amount of yum. Located on 400 S, pick from a selection of chicken, steak, tofu, or meat balls and get a free cup of rice and drink for less than $5. 

3. Little Caesar's Pizza

pizza, pepperoni, dough, crust, sauce, mozzarella, cheese
Emily Waples

Got a late-night study session but not a lotta dough...? Be the real MVP for your team and bring in a beautiful hot-n-ready from Little Caesar's Pizza on 1095 E 500 S. Oh and the best part... you don't have to wait for it. Just grab it and go study for that final!

4. Pie Wednesday

pastry, sweet, cake, jam, pie, strudel, apple pie, honey, syrup
Kathleen Lee

Every Wednesday, Village Inn on 400 S gives free pie with every order. Need I say more?

5. Sears Taco Stands

Alexis Metzgar

In the Sears parking lot on State Street, there's a taco fiesta happening every day. Compare which one of the two stands has the best tacos (for a dollar each), if you want to, though both play a pretty fierce game. 

Whether it's Mexican, Asian, Italian, or good ol' fashion American you're craving, we've got you covered, and your bank account won't put up a fight.