If you’re like me, you’re a wine-loving college student on a budget: I have Dom Perignon taste with Franzia funds. I reached out to my friend Brett Curry, a sales consultant for E. & J. Gallo Winery, and asked for his favorite college-budget friendly wines. Here are the best wines under $15 that will keep you classy (and not bankrupt) all year round.

Carnivor Cabernet


Photo courtesy of columbia.macadoodles.com

If you’re a fan of a deep red, this wine is for you. With rich flavors like dark berries, coffee and mocha, this Cabernet is sure to keep you extra warm by the fire. And at $10 a bottle, this top-rated Cabernet is a steal. This wine also pairs well with Cherry Garcia Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Dark Horse Pinot Noir


Photo courtesy of Dark Horse Wine from Instagram

If you love red wine but only when it isn’t too acidic, Pinot Noir is the choice for you. The lighter color, and softer tannins make it easy to pair with food or be enjoyed solo. Dark Horse flashes hints of strawberries and red cherries with hints of lavender and rose. You can get this velvety smooth Pinot Noir for only $10 a bottle. This wine also pairs surprisingly well with BBQ potato chips.

Alamos Torrontes


Photo courtesy of nhwineman.blogspot.com

The Alamos winemaking philosophy is to make flavorful and drinkable wines that preserve each varietal’s distinct aroma and profile. If you’re looking to impress mom and dad, bring home a bottle of wine straight from the Andes mountains. Similar to a Pinot Grigio, the Torrontes bottle is aromatic and light with hints of apricot and peach. But don’t worry, it isn’t too sweet. You can get this Argentinian wine for $11 a bottle.

Apothic White


Photo courtesy of apothic.com

If you enjoy sweet wine like Moscato but want to try something a little drier, Apothic White is a must. This is a blend of three different whites: Chardonnay, Reisling, and Pinot Grigio. Each wine contributes something different, like flavor, aroma and texture, giving Apothic White its unique medium-bodied flavor. Buy this refreshing white wine with a crisp finish for only $11 a bottle.

Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc


Photo Courtesy of myhappyhealthyhome.com

This refreshing wine tantalizes the taste buds of any white lover. With flavors like grapefruit and gooseberry, feel exotic as you sip and savor your Sauvignon Blanc. Even better, these citrus flavors will remind you of summer. What’s better than that? You can get your hands on this bottle for $11. You can even use it to make shrimp scampi with this recipe.

Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvée


Photo by Jackie Libasci

Already looking for a bottle to pop at midnight next New Year’s? Barefoot promises to tickle your toes with this light and refreshing bubbly. With aromas similar to those of Chardonnay, you’ll be starting the new year off right. This instant favorite with hints of green apple, kiwi, jasmine, and peach is available for $11 per bottle.

#SpoonTip: You can also buy four mini bottles for $12.

La Marca Prosecco


Photo courtesy of foodflaunt.com

This Italian bubbly is sure to make you feel glamorous. La Marca is committed to making champagne that tastes anything but dry. Their Prosecco is made from the Glara grape which gives it a hint of sweetness and flavors like honeysuckle, apple and peach. Rated the number two premium wine in the United States, La Marca is a steal at $13 a bottle. This Prosecco is a perfect gift for any hostess or family get together. You can turn this wine into celebratory Jell-O shots with this recipe or make strawberry and champagne pancakes like this.

#SpoonTip: Need a last minute gift? You can buy a mini bottle for $4.49.

Totts California Champagne Brut


Photo courtesy of vivino.com

If you’re on a strict budget and still want to pop bottles on a special occasion, this champagne has your name on it. At a very reasonable $6.99 per bottle, Totts California Champagne Brut has all the flavor of pricier bottles. Peach and citrus undertones make this a perfect pair with desserts such as this peach butter cake Go ahead and indulge. You and your savvy money saving skills deserve it.