Breakups are the bane of my existence. Whether they're breakups with bestfriends or your significant other, it will take a toll on one's mental and physical health. In my personal experience, I have gone through many ugly breakups so here are a couple tips I picked up along the way. Remember, it is not the end of the world.


Let It Out

You need to allow yourself some time to grieve over this new loss. Do not, I repeat, do not make any irrational decisions like becoming so intoxicated you drunk text your ex that very night. You will only make yourself look desperate and pathetic (been there, done that). Take a weekend to break out the ice cream, sad movies and cry your heart out. Seriously, I know this sounds like the opposite of what you believe you should be doing but if you skip this step you will become a blubbering mess at the wrong times.

For example, you may start crying in the middle of traffic to a song you shared with your ex lover and instead of changing the song you continue to listen. Snot bubbles will blow left and right while the person in the car next to you debates on whether they should drive away or keep staring. So I beg of you, give yourself 2-3 days to be upset and mourn.

Get A Good Workout In

Part of the process to feeling better overall about yourself after a breakup is to look better. The best revenge is a better bod. Checkout this 7 Day Workout Plan to get you started on your dream body that will have your ex crawling back to you (this does not mean you should take them back). Set up a meal plan that inspires you everyday to look and feel on top of the world. This will attract the right people (and potential lovers) into your life based on your determination to be a better version of yourself.

Don't Jump Back on the Horse

Some say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Yeah, this may feel like the best thing to do after you've practically had your heart ripped out of your chest but do not do this to yourself. You will regret it and if others find out this is your way of getting through a breakup - rumors will fly. Although you care about what others say about you, it's easy to feel super crappy about yourself once people start to talk.

Take time for yourself, learn to be okay with being single but just don't go crazy with the single life. No man I have ever encountered has said they want a party girl, and from the perspective of me being a lady and all, I don't want a man who drinks and is wylin' out every weekend and doesn't take the time to treasure my presence (because my love is a freakin' gift, and so is yours girl).

Distract Yoself

This is the best and worst part post-breakup. Getting to go out with your friends, laughing and making memories without that significant other are the times that will always matter when you're single. The worst part, is when you are mid-laughter and the one thing you wish is that your person, who you've wasted time on just to become single all over again, was there with you.. laughing with you and have a grand ol' time. Don't feel bad, we have all felt this way at one point or another and it is completely normal to feel a little empty from time to time - but don't let it consume you.

Push that feeling out of your head and get another drink. Buy another round of shots and go and dance your heart out somewhere. Random dance parties are the best, whether its in the middle of an empty bar, in a club, or at home in your underwear with a hairbrush in hand. Dance out the sadness because you are so much more than that. Another tip - ladies this is for you, if you're out dancing and you have this weird dude trying to grind up on you when all you want to do is have fun with your girls, here are 5 ways to convince a guy to stop dancing all up on you. My favorite is "the face".

You Got Dis

In my experience, it takes me about a year to completely get over a serious relationship that has ended. I have found that these steps above have really put a fast forward motion on moving on. I highly recommend this to anyone who has an achey breaky heart and just needs a little advice on how to get the F over it. You got this!