If you have dietary restrictions, you know how hard it can be to find appealing food that you can eat. As a vegan, I have found that in many situations, such as eating at a restaurant, or a dinner party, it has been a struggle to find truly vegan options.

At the beginning of the school year, I was worried about how I would maintain my vegan diet while living in a sorority house with fifty other girls who were, for the most part, not vegan.

I am sure every sorority or fraternity at every school does meals slightly different, however, at ours, we have a chef who prepares lunch and dinner. For breakfast, we are able to make oatmeal, toast, cereal, etc.

Thankfully, our chef is extremely open to cooking for dietary restrictions. Some of her best dishes have been vegan taco bowls, veggie curries, acai bowls, etc. With that being said, even if your house chef does not know how to make vegan alternatives, it is still relatively easy to maintain this lifestyle in the house with the right amount of knowledge about vegan meals and cooking. I have since been able to eat delicious plant-based meals as easily as before. 


For breakfast, I have become absolutely obsessed with oatmeal and use a variety of toppings to fuel my body throughout the day. Some of my favorites include protein powder, banana, chocolate chips, and peanut butter. 

Paige Avagliano


For lunch, the chefs at the house typically provide a vegan or dairy-free option, but when they don’t I make sure I have vegan lunch staples in the fridge for emergencies. These staples include:

-Dairy-free cheese (my favorite is Vialife cheddar slices or Follow Your Heart smoked gouda)

-Tofurkey plant-based deli slices (my favorite is the hickory smoked)

-And extra firm tofu

Paige Avagliano

With the dairy-free cheese I love to make quesadillas or combine it with the tofurkey to make a sandwich. 

Paige Avagliano


For dinner, depending on what is being served, I like to make an easy salad or bowl with rice and vegetables. To ensure I get the nutrients I need, I always make sure to get some greens (my favorite is arugula), protein (usually tofu, beans, or other legumes), and carbs!! (usually rice, quinoa, or pasta)

This salad is made with arugula, pulled jackfruit, and sweet potatoes.

Paige Avagliano

As you can see, it's honestly pretty easy to stick to being vegan even without access to a kitchen. All it takes is a little knowledge of nutrition and making substitutions when necessary. If this is something you are truly dedicated to, it won't be a problem for you at all! 

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