Six months ago, I packed suitcases, sublet my apartment, and boarded a plane to what I thought (with a heavy bias) was the best country in the world: Italy. The culture, the architecture, the wine, and of course...the food. I grew up in an Italian American household. That meant The Feast of the Seven Fishes for Christmas Eve dinner, homemade raviolis on Easter, and orzo with chicken broth when I was sick. I also grew up with a dietitian as a mother, so I understand what healthy eating means, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I may not have always wanted to eat healthy, but I'd like to think it became a good foundation for me. 

Cut Back To Italy

cheese, mozzarella
Emily Doris

I was on an Italian high. I loved every single thing about my life, and every opportunity that came my way I took advantage of it. That meant if my friends and I couldn't decide what to order for dinner, we ordered one of everything. If we wanted to travel Croatia next weekend, we booked a flight. If we felt like going to get gelato twice in one day, we did. When would we ever be able to do that in our life again?

Suddenly, my habit of eating veggie smoothies for breakfast became drinking bottles of wine on the Spanish Steps every night. My CrossFit and cardio routines turned into walks to the Trevi Fountain which undoubtedly meant we were getting supplí on the way. The increase in calories and the decrease of exercise was definitely taking a toll on my healthy routines. 

In My Head

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Emily Doris

I told myself over and over that once I got back to the states I would get back into my routine. I would hit the gym HARD since I hadn't even seen a gym in four months and I would jump right back into a veggie and lean meat-based diet.

I came back and for two weeks I was on a roll. I would spin four times a week and, even though it was the holiday season, I was not eating every cookie in sight. However, when I got back to school in January, I could not find a way to get back into my routine. I don't know if I was longing for the life I had lived in Italy, or if I was just so accustomed to eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but I was struggling. 

Moving Forward

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Emily Doris

If I'm being honest, I face an internal struggle every time I have to go the gym. And when I make quinoa over spaghetti, a piece of my heart dies a little bit inside. But I know that I am living my best life when there are vegetables in my body, and when my legs are moving.

To help my mental state, I let myself indulge in the occasional Cacio e Pepe or Talenti's gelato (even though its nowhere near the same). Change doesn't happen over night, that is one thing I've learned for sure. And I have to keep working every day to get back into the healthy routines that took a lifetime to create.