Growing up, my house was notoriously known by all my friends as having the "lamest pantry" or the "healthy snacks only." Constantly feeling embarrassed, I would always insist on sleeping out at my friend's houses just so I could get my hands on a Fruit by the Foot or pack of Oreos.

My mom has always been interested in healthy eating, but she took her interest to a new level by being a health coach to local clients when she graduated last March from Integrative Nutrition—a Nutrition & Holistic Health School Online.

I never learned to appreciate my mom's healthfulness until recently; and now, I don't think I could live without it. Instead of me sneaking to my friends houses to indulge in treats, all of my friends flock to mine in hopes of my mom cooking one of her delicious dishes for them.

Always being involved in charitable work, my mom decided to mix her interest for (and now extensive knowledge of) clean eating with her passion for giving back to the community by creating an almond milk business right out of our kitchen.

The Result

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Halle Davis

My mom created dOn's almond milk—a local, non-profit business in which all of her proceeds went to charity. Every Monday and Thursday, my mom would wake up at dawn to produce her homemade almond milk (something that I was lucky enough to enjoy way before it went on the market.) Due to NJ state consumer laws, she eventually had to relocate to a commercial kitchen.

The almond milk comes in five flavors: plain, chocolate, vanilla, matcha, and pumpkin spice for the fall season (not to mention, by absolute favorite). I even begged her to experiment with banana for a bit, but let's just say I don't have the same "eye for almond milk" as she does.

Every bottle she makes is hand-produced with the utmost care and packaged in a cute little authentic glass milk bottle, adorned with my mom's logo.

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Halle Davis

dOn's almond has over 35 customers, and has donated thousands of dollars to two charities: Cycle for Survival and Comfort Project 360

My mom's almond milk has been a phenomenon among my friends, her friends, and numerous people all around town. Now all my friends beg me to come over on the days she makes the almond milk.

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Halle Davis

I am beyond proud of my mom for following her passion and incorporating philanthropic aspects into it, thus achieving her lifelong dream: to give back to others while simultaneously enriching her life. I can't wait to watch my mom's amazing endeavors in the future and hope to follow in her footsteps.