Miami is one of the most well known cities in the world. Miami is  known for its diversity, sparkling beaches, the best university (duh), and food of course! Moving to Miami from a small town in New Jersey called for a shift in my wardrobe but more drastically, a shift in my diet. No more home-cooked meals from mom or takeouts from the places I have eaten at since I was four. Miami has not only shifted my eating habits, but also expanded my taste palette, and here's how.

1. Breakfast

Olivia Tanchel

As a former commuter in high school, I was used to just a bar on the go or an unevenly spread cream cheese bagel as I rushed out of the door. Now, I leave a little extra time in my morning schedule to enjoy an omelette with hash browns in the dining hall or whip up peanut butter and banana on a rice cake before my 10 a.m. On the weekends, I love to brunch at new places around Miami. If I am looking for a sophisticated option, the Four Seasons Hotel in Brickell offers a classic brunch with essentials such as fruit salad and a sides like turkey bacon. 

2. My “go to” smoothie

Olivia Tanchel

Saying goodbye to the waitstaff at my favorite smoothie place at home, Beets Juice Bar, was a hard goodbye. Lucky, here in Miami, Pura Vida offers me the same delicious protein smoothies. My favorite is the Zero Carb Chocolate PB smoothie. Pura vida offers a variety of fruit smoothies and protein shakes to help quench your crave. I love sippin’ while studying in the cozy environment Pura Vida offers. It's not only tasty, but also convenient. Since it's on campus, when I'm in a rush I order on the app so I can grab my smoothie and go.

3. The farmers' market

Olivia Tanchel

During high school I ate the lunch provided in the cafeteria. Now in Miami, I have the luxury of the Wednesday Farmers Market that has an abundance of vendors to choose from. The farmers' market is also a great way to see people throughout the day as it attracts a lot of students.

4. New city, new restaurants

Olivia Tanchel

From Coral Gables, to Brickell, to Wynwood and South Beach, no matter where you are you won’t go hungry with all the different restaurants in Miami. Living in a new city allows for the exploration of the different cuisines. It definitely calls for learning to budget spending money too. Pubbelly Sushi is definitely a favorite of mine so far. I would recommend the Big Eye Tuna Roll or the Salmon Tacos. If you're craving Italian, check out Cibo Wine Bar. The Tagliatelle Meat Sauce dish and the Margherita Pizza are definitely worth a try.

Even though my diet didn't change in terms of what I eat, it definitely changed in terms of where I get my food from. The staff at some of my favorite spots in Miami haven't quite memorized my name yet, but I am sure they will. I can't wait to find many more new favorite food spots during my next three years in Miami.