Cheap food and caffeine. Arguably, those are two of the most important components of the average college student's diet. We're almost all broke and pretty freaking sleep deprived, but fortunately for us, McCafé from McDonald's realizes that. Thankfully, McCafé has expanded on their ready-to-drink (RTD for short) line, so we'll never have to be without caffeine ever again. Hashtag thanks McCafé.

What's the product about?

McCafé is caffeine in the form of portable frappes. These frappes come in three flavors, which include caramel, mocha and vanilla (my personal favorite). Portable bottles are a mere 13.7 ounces and are made with 100% Arabica coffee beans; also, they're blended with real milk and natural ingredients. Each 13.7 ounce bottle retails for $2, which is a much better deal than spending $5+ on coffee from Starbucks.

Another great thing about McCafé's frappes is that their mocha and caramel flavors are also available in multi-serve format. They're 40 ounces and retail for $4.40 at select supermarkets nationwide. Just as a note, having tried all of the flavors IRL in the comfort of my apartment, I'd recommend starting off with vanilla; unless that makes me super basic, then ignore that. 

Obviously, if stocking up on coffee at home isn't your thing, you could always swing by your local McDonald's for some of their coffee, which honestly is pretty solid for it being as cheap as it is. My main issue with most coffees that are out on the market is that they're typically overpriced and sucky, but this isn't the case with McCafé. Being the coffee snob that I am and that my parents know me to be, they'd be shocked to hear that I'd put McCafé as my choice for morning coffee when I'm not near any form of Starbucks... shocker.

What else is there to know?

Liz Abere

McDonald's McCafé ready-to-drink line is the same coffee that you'd get in any freestanding McDonald's location. This is something great if you're someone that runs solely on McCafé... cause it be like that sometimes when neither Starbucks nor Dunkin' pique your coffee interest, but you just don't know how to make your own coffee, nor do you want coffee from the dining hall. The new products from McCafé can be consumed alone or with friends for morning brunch on campus or at your friend's place for when you're just too broke to go out to proper brunch, which is something that I love about the brand and the products. The best thing is, absolutely no coffee machine is required to consume said products, which is one less thing to worry about.

While I'm the first to admit that I'm one groggy b*tch in the mornings, I'll forever be thankful for McCafé and their new coffee products. They're cheap, convenient, come in multiple sizes and flavors, and just want to be loved, just like me. Hopefully you too will want to put an end to your morning crankiness and get yourself some products from McCafé's new product line, cause honestly, nothing's harder than going through your day without some caffeine in your veins.