Getting laid, porking, doing the deed, boning, or getting busy. Whatever you may call it, sex is exercise, and it can burn up to five calories per minute — that's four more calories than watching TV!

Similar to heading to the gym, sex has countless health benefits, including improving your immune system, lowering blood pressure and risks of heart attack, as well as reducing stress. We all know working out isn't the most enjoyable thing (unless you are Kayla Itsines, in which case, can you teach me your ways??).

So let's bring the exercise into the bedroom and have fun while sweating it out. But how do you get the most bang for your buck? Here is a list of positions for doing the deed, depending on how many calories you want to burn.

A lot of factors contribute when determining how many calories you (and your partner) can burn while getting busy. Your gender, weight, and how long you're doing it all play a role. To find out how many calories you personally burn, head over to Men's Fitness and use the interactive calorie calculator to see how effective your hook up is. 

Light Sex

On average, for a 32 minute fooling around session (including making out, giving and receiving oral, as well as intercourse in the missionary position), a man will burn 61 calories, while his female partner will burn 59 calories. 

What does that mean? For a man, that is equivalent to swimming for 8 minutes, and for a woman, swimming for 12 minutes. In other words, eating 1.1 Oreo Cookies.

Moderate Sex

Kicking up the pace (and intensity) means you burn almost double the amount of calories than light sex. For a 46 minute hook up (again, including kissing, oral for both partners, and intercourse) men burn 106 calories, while women burn 101 calories. What positions does this include? Cowgirl and Doggy Style. 

In relation to conventional exercise, this would be 25 minutes of yoga for men, and 34 minutes for women. What about food? It is equivalent to drinking 19.6 oz. of iced coffee from Starbucks if you're male, and 18.6 oz, if you are female. To put this in perspective, a grande iced coffee is 16 oz.

Intense Sex

Classified by getting busy for 80 minutes. For intense sex, you skip right to the main course, alternating between different sex positions. These include, 69, Doggy Style, and Reverse Cowgirl. On average, a man burns 290 calories, while a woman burns 282 calories. 

In other words, to burn the same amount of calories, a man would need to run 3.6 km, while a woman would need to run for 5.1 km. Screw around for 80 minutes to work off that 11.6 oz of red wine if you're a man, or 11.3 oz if you're a woman. Keep in mind, a glass of wine is typically between 4 and 5 oz. 

So however you like it, or whoever you like it with, grab your partner and get down to business. 

If you haven't found that special someone yet to engage in vigorous exercise with (uh, I mean make love with), order some pizza, because sometimes, food is better than sex anyway.