For those of you who don't know, Ellen Fisher is possibly this generation's superwoman wrapped in a bubbly, positive and nurturing personality. Now I know what you may be thinking..."a vegan chef? I'm not vegan, nor do I plan on giving up cheese anytime soon". Well let me help paint a picture of who this food superstar is. 

Get To Know the Vegan Superwoman 

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A mother of three incredible kids, Ellen is a California native who now lives in Maui with her husband on their new property devoted to nourishing themselves sustainably along with the Earth (yay Mother Earth!). Ellen's story is rather interesting actually and I highly recommend you check out her blog to read more about this incredible woman leading the charge on so many wonderful things. Ellen Fisher and her husband (and three precious kids) are raw, Whole Foods Vegans who believe in protecting our home planet through sustainable consumption and kind food practices. Living in Hawaii of course means there is truly an abundance of amazing fruits and vegetables available to them on any given day, however this isn't what sets this young mother apart. 

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Ellen has a wonderful Youtube channel devoted to sharing her journey and let me tell is EMPOWERING. This creative lady spends her time spreading love, kindness and grace throughout her everyday life but the thing that strikes me so much is how devoted she is to creating a better Earth for our next generation. This maybe isn't something you think about on a daily basis, but Ellen is truly setting the standard for how to care for one another through food, conservation and a healthier lifestyle that so many of us crave. She not only has an amazing E-book with super easy, tasty vegan recipes that her family loves but she shares her peaceful way of thinking to her viewers at home in hopes of just spreading some love around the world. Ellen updates her channel weekly and showcases her daily life through her food and how she and her husband are working so tirelessly on their next big project of eating 100% sustainably from their own backyard. 

It can sometimes be easy for us to simply move through our daily life as just another human on this Earth but what I've gathered from reading Ellen's blog and watching her channel is that there is so much to be done for us to create a better world for those following behind us. She simply breaks down attainable ways in which each of us can add in some loving consideration for others in our daily lives as well as how to better care for ourselves. In addition, she has awesome recommendations for daily fitness tips, showcases her delicious recipes and has an incredible following of Vegans/non-Vegans alike who adore this woman's conscious lifestyle choices! 

If you are interested in expanding your cooking repertoire, learning more about environmental conservation through daily choices and enriching your life with a little more love and zen, then I strongly urge you to check out this incredible woman and how she is bettering the world of food for the next generation. 


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At Home With Ellen Fisher, 

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