You can never have too much coffee, but sometimes you have that insane craving for a yummy hot drink without the caffeine and the solution is. . . hot chocolate! A true classic sweet beverage. Because of the freezing weather, I trekked outside the warmth for you and compiled a handy HOTlist of my favorite hot chocolates Harvard Square has to offer.

drumroll please.... (pls do so on the nearest surface or just on your legs even if you are in the library and people look at you weirdly I promise it will be worth it) 


The perfect combination of simple, sweet, yet not too overbearing, Flour makes a DANK hot chocolate. Not to mention, it pairs mind-blowingly well with their incredibly life changing banana bread. I had a piece today and I am still thinking about it 7 hours later. If you're down for a little kick, they also have a spiced hot chocolate with Chile powder and  cayenne pepper to taste the 🔥.

L.A. Burdik Handmade Chocolates

If you are feeling decadent, Burdik's is the place to be. Their hot chocolate is so rich that it is called a drinking chocolate because it is like drinking a melted chocolate bar. No big deal or anything, but at this exact location Mark Zuckerberg and his now WIFE Priscilla went on their first date specifically for hot chocolate! Soooo maybe you'll meet your soulmate or create the next Facebook?

Dunkin' Donuts

There is just something about their hot chocolate that is just perfect for a snowy day. Whenever I wake up to a blanket of snow outside, I immediately crave an indulgent donut and a delicious dunky-do hot choc. And not to mention, there is even one right inside the Harvard Square T station so you can grab on the go!


The one thing about Starbucks is that no matter where you go in the world, it is there for you like your old favorite pair of sweatpants that have a million holes in them. . . well I guess sort of. Because they usually expect hot chocolates to be ordered for children, you usually have to order it extra hot to get the perfect temperature. To satisfy both the caffeine AND the sweet fix they also have a cherry mocha that has dope cherry shavings on top or a classic white chocolate mocha. 

Dining Hall

Honestly, you can't go wrong with some free hot chocolate and a huge bowl of marshmallows.. but make sure to add some milk because it comes out VERY hot. When you still want a little caffeine fix, put 1/3 coffee and 2/3 hot chocolate and you got yourself a DIY mocha #blessed and make sure to check out this article for some genius dining hall hacks. 

#DIY your winter pregame 

For when you're over studying and just want to pregame, or if it's one of those freezing cold game days when you just need a hot but strong drink in hand, here is a quick guide on how to spike your hot chocolate without anyone else noticing 😉😉