The holiday season is here - and the spending sprees are fast approaching. Only two things are certain in the mass of this shopping insanity: 1) food gifts are always the best gifts, and 2) thinking of the perfect gift to give is hard. So, to alleviate your stress in the hunt, I've conjured a list of the most affordable foodie gifts that give back - twice. Once to your loved one, and another to its charity of choice. Because, yes - vanuatu coconut pecan chocolate bars sound epic. But its philanthropic roots are an awesome bonus. So shop away - same amount of gifts, but double the giving!

Chocolates for a Cause, $19.95

What's more perfect than snuggling up by the warm fire, a box of indulgent chocolates by your side? Having all this, all the meanwhile knowing your gift helped a charitable cause. This box of specially crafted chocolates will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth this holiday season - as well as give a portion of its proceeds to aid Darfur. With cute and colorful prints, a renowned chocolate recipe, and a philanthropic mission, it's hard to pass this special deal up. Treat yo self & others!

*PRO-TIP*- Check out the special holiday bundles to get both chocolate and an African bracelet in your gift. Double whammy- am I right?!

Gourmet Cookies for Childhood Cancer, prices vary

Sending this unsuspecting box of cookies serves two purposes this holiday season- to provide a tasty gift to the ones you love, as well as aid cancer research. Cookies for Childhood Cancer has perfected its recipe for the triple threat - delicious goodies, low prices, and sustainable consumption. Purchasing a box of cookies will aid in raising funds for new & improved treatments for pediatric cancer! #BeAGoodCookie

Love Life Tea, $12.00

Green tea infused with strawberry, coconut, AND vanilla? Where could you go wrong? The best part is, 50% of proceeds from purchasing this heavenly tea will benefit GMHC: an organization dedicated in the fight against the AIDS epidemic. It's hard to feel guilty about so many holiday purchases with a great tea & cause under your belt. So relax, cozy up in a thick blanket, pour yourself a cup of tea, and ponder your awesomeness for supporting such a philanthropic cause.

Divine Chocolate Advent Calendar, $7.99

It's time to get nostalgic- if you celebrate Christmas this holiday season, you've definitely had a few run-ins with advent calendars. But what makes this one special? A portion of this fair-trade chocolate calendar supports women's empowerment initiatives for the women cocoa farmers of Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana. With environmentally sustainable production methods and an active stance on social justice, Divine Chocolate is a company worth looking into this holiday season. So spread the festivity with daily chocolate by treatin' yourself and others

Momofuku Milk Bar's Perfect 10, $29

Ahh - the famous Milk Bar. Known for making the most delicious cookies & cakes, the company gets little press on its philanthropic work. But little did you know it supports a different charity each quarter year! All of Milk's 'LIFE' products support both a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by donating a portion of its proceeds. So for all the socially conscious health-freaks of the world- you've found your holy grail of cookies. This yummy oatmeal cookie is wheat-free, dairy-free, and guilt-free. But don't be fooled by the nutrition facts; it's called 'Perfect 10' for a reason. They're simply irresistible. 

*PRO-TIP*- Check out Milk Bar's other LIFE products to give twice this holiday season.

Jcoco Chocolate Bars, $13.00

Bali Sea Salt Toffee, Arabica Cherry Expresso, Vanuatu Coconut Pecan... they all sound too good to be true. These mouthwatering bars of chocolate are affordable, decadent, and guilt-free. Why? Because for every 3oz bar of chocolate bought, Jcoco donates a fresh meal to someone in need. November and December are the holiday months made for self-indulgence; but they also happen to be the most pressing time for food banks. So if you're in search for stocking stuffers or a sweet gift for a friend- look no further. Jcoco's got you covered.

Baron Cooper Wines, prices vary

This one is dedicated to all the wine-o's of the world- and dog lovers. Because there's nothing sweeter in life than the joys of gifted wine and the well-being of good puppies. Baron Cooper Wines has made it their mission to support the Humane Society- and for every bottle of wine purchased, a portion of its proceeds will go toward ending the killing and abuse of dogs, cats and other pets in America. So settle in with a bottle (or two) of Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay, and feel accomplished knowing you got both booze & helped dogs in the process. 

Dancing Deer Cookie & Brownie Gift Sets, prices vary

The holiday season weight gain is too real - and it might be because of this ~indulgent~ gift set that's calling your name. It's prime time to give twice this holiday season, and by purchasing a cookie/brownie box you can achieve just that. Dancing Deer Baking Co. has both created the Sweet Home Project to move families permanently out of poverty, as well as partnered with One Family Inc. to give education aid to homeless parents. (That's one smart cookie!) So whether your sweet tooth is craving salty or sweet, you'll find what you're looking for from this tantalizingly charitable company. 

Hickory Farms Gift Box, $50.00

We've all seen it - and your parents probably still geek over it. But little know that this holiday staple has a hidden gift: for every box bought, Hickory Farms donates $5 to No Kid Hungry®. With an assortment of cheese, meat, and nuts, it's hard to mess up with gift with your more ~refined~ elders. But honestly- who doesn't love a nice fancy snack arrangement from time to time? Whether your gifting for yourself or others (perhaps both?), you won't have to question the success of this show-stopper. Because being fat & happy this season shouldn't be exclusive to those who can afford it.